A SWOT analyis for the Nintendo Wii

This provision is seeming at Nintendo’s Wii SWOT dissection. Wii came out as new alteration and conjoined the way commonalty seem at gaming. Nintendo has been custody gaming existent gone-by 1985 delay the exempt of the former Nintendo (Famicom in Japan) and stagnant conducts the penny distillation of gaming existent today.

Wii emerged as a viefficacious emulator for sony’s PlayStation and Xbox 360 the key to Wii’s prosperity was its inclusion of revolutionary third plane tumult sensing technology by using it Nintendo followed “over delay close” concept. The technology was so innovative that it made customers interact delay ending sports and expeience unimpaired new wolrd of fun. The solace was indelicately legitimate by families of all demopictorial regions as it offered customization of characters. Delay the new technology customers felt so authentic that they could resemble golf by swinging the master. The Wii was undoubtedly a hit that e sparked Nintendo’s revolutionary forthcoming end in the video gaming assiduity. Satoru Iwata

The superintendent of Ninetendo proudly symmetrical Wii in 2006 and a s expected due to penetrateprenueral skills of Satoru Iwata and the mark guileate Wii assayd to be a prosperityful hit.

Company Overview

Nintendo is a Japanese domiciled forceening whose former guile was to consequence handmade cards was symmetrical in 1989. The troop failed divers durations but finally surpass in invigoration and software assiduity and progressive its guileate to Nintendo Troop Ltd. and afloat creating gaming scheme acrave delay video sports that were earthindelicate illustrious. The Donkey Kong was one of moment fina which was followed by Super Mario Brothers and it assayd to be the most hankerfficacious sport for the troop. Twain the sports are globally ordinary by elder portion of commonalty. After this Nintendo introduced an upgraded account and guileated it Super Nintendo which was very prosperityful in Japan and America. After 5 years Nintendo 64 was symmetrical which was intermittently a hit and it made troop to feel over credulity and self-reliance in tclose alteration so they so symmetrical Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii twain the sport solaces were a super hit and haveed a brilliant prosperity. Today the most hankerfficacious is Ninentendo Wii that has growthd the sales to a very proud enlarge. Although the troop is standpointed in video sport assiduity but it is so the elder haveor of Seattle Marniers in Elder League Baseball.


The Wii is targeted to a divergent portion of customers. It is standpointed on action solace so customer can in-reality get to join-in in the sport. This has made Wii a praiseworthy precious for commonalty who hanker star divergent.

Wii came in 2006 it had sepablame gone-by and revolutionary elements and was pretended as best selling ending race solace scheme in the earth due to its wireclose tumult perceptive unconnected guide and built in Wi Fi facility. Wii knows how to receive and uses a no frill bearing.


To toleblame commonalty environing earth tp resemble video sports unmindful of tclose age or gender or cultural endground.


Wii in my theory is a verily singular solace it has frequently attracted me how Nintendo was efficacious to delay natural tumult guides delay endward compatibility. I am proudly impressed delay the astounding software elements have implicit solace and the best is propitious Wii Channels that bring-abouts Wii barely awesome.

( http://www.brighthub.com/video-games/wii/articles/42453.aspx#ixzz1D0hEPnGp)

Wii Strategy

Despite of having enlightened video sport haves Mario for a crave duration Nintendo was not efficacious to growth sales figures as shown beneath so Nintendo Wii standpointed on life divergent by using strategic positioning and devoting its media singularly to earn “pungent-muscular community” of users and “immersive indelicate dispose of sports”.

Figure 1: Nintendo Unit Sales (negative Wii), Games and Consoles, 2003-2008

Source: published in calling week April 28th 2008.

The violentest strategic strike performed by Nintendo was to target the subordinate 18 dispense portion which represented merely 1/3 of the completion dispense.

Figure 2:Nintendo Wii Unit Sales 2003-2008

Source: Published in calling week April 28th 2008.

The propel of Wii accelerationed Nintendo to penetblame new measurement of customers by tapping the “usual customers” zone demonstrateing new standards for gaming solace. According to analyst Wii management can be summarized as Disruptive management.

Figure 3: Strategic Measurement Of Wii


The management canvas of Wii is twain diagonistic and an action framework for structure the sky sky sky sky sky sky cerulean deep management of Wii.

The BLUE OCEAN management

According to the sky sky sky sky sky sky cerulean deep management tclose are three collocation of non customers that the troop should feel standobject on:

1. “soon-to-be” noncustomers who are on the face of the dispense.

2. “refusing” who cognizantly select intermittentlyst the dispense.

3. “unexplored” noncustomers who are sitting in sepablame dispense.

The Wii offers bringing portion of customers compute have tumult sensitivity that attracts them (fortuitous sportrs) . the succor portion of customers are real by Wii and the third portion of customers seems to be readily attracted by Wii accordingly of the affordefficacious figure for arrangement adjust commonalty.

Nintendo Wii has used sky sky sky sky sky sky cerulean deep management and aligned the unimpaired scheme of a troop’s activities in specialty of divergentiation and low consume.


The SWOT dissection of Nintendo Wii provides advice that is beneficial in matching the fixed’s media and capabilities to the competitive video gaming environment. It is instrumental in Nintendo’s prosperityful management formulation and creating the new horizon of sky sky sky sky sky sky cerulean deep.


According to Datamonitor’s troop element on Nintendo, published on September 17, 2007, Nintendo has aftercited deep forces-

A pungent-muscular mark guileate-

Nintendo’s pungent-muscular mark is due to its 25 brilliant years in the video gaming assiduity. They are not merely the bringers in handheld solace dispense buy so in gaming assiduity. Leading prosperityful hit was the Gameboy in 1989. The Nintendo Wii is the most upgraded solace consisting of tumult sensors that bring-abouts the sport over interactive. Elder dispense portion prepared by Wii is of propaganda students life a disunite of that portion I authenticized that I conquer elect resembleing Mario for sepablame hours than using any technically gone-by solace.

2)High Returns-

Nintendo frequently believes in innovative subjects and for prouder use they so feel invested tclose media in troop have the Seattle Mariners and the Atlanta Hawks.

Which concedes Nintendo a proud recur on their proceeds making them over desirable.

3)High employee teachableness-

Acoording to the figures commemorative by Datamonitor troop the fruits generated by Nintendo was environing $206,960 per employee which assayd Nintendo’s proud employee teachableness as collated to other companies of selfselfhomogeneous assiduity. 

4)Debt unobstructed status-

The violentest boon to Nintendo was fertile use of tclose financial media and opposing of investing enormous total of postulates Nintendo was efficacious to come Debt Free. Nintendo frequently haveed financial flexibility as the Debt to equity association was cipher commemorative by Datamonitor Company.

5)New sports-

Wii delay divers sports have Wii Fit offers a bit over to the customers. The sportresemble is divergent but proudly agreeable. Sport consequencers are so inventing new things have Guitar Hero and others for Wii.( According to Face berth, in 2009)

According to the Management Canvas of Wii aftercited forces feel been evaluated:

6)Unique Sense of Marketing

Nintendo uses a dispenseing management to bring-encircling consumers neglect what they cannot feel. This is seen runningly accordingly Nintendo Wii is not surrendering plenty of the consequence to coalesce the ask-for from customers. Ultimate leisure occasion Wii’s were impenetrserviceable to perceive. NY Times noiseed that in San Francisco, New York, Boston and Austin, TX, stores crusty up sepablame delay PlayStation 3’s in accumulation, occasion the Wii was sold out (New York Times). John Weeks, a worker at a Target Store in Boston, said “The ultimate duration they were close, we had 40 and they sold out in 15 minutes” (New York Times).


Another force that Nintendo has is their singular resembleer interaction. The Wi

introduced tumult sensing gaming in 2005. It was the bringing video sport to use the new technology and get commonalty up and emotional. This bring-abouts them verily afront of the sport in extraction invigoration.

8)Product Innovation

Mario cart, for pattern, is one of the most favorite Wii sports. The sport that gave Nintendo its begin was innovated and updated to beseem, intermittently, one of the most favorite sports resembleed. This shows the craveevity of the troop and the constancy of the mark.


The Nintendo Wii is a pungent-muscular emulator in the gaming dispense, but it does feel some

weaknesses. A few of the Nintendo Wii’s biggest enervationes are; the reality that they do not own the tumult sensing technology, pictorials, and poor online sport resemble. These enervationes are decided deeply by comparisons delay the capabilities of Xbox 360 and PS3. ( associate to sequel)

Do not own tumult sensing technology

A enlightened enervation of the Nintendo Wii is that it does not own its tumult sensing technology (Zimbio). They were the bringing to use this singular subject, but gone-by they do not own the technology, drifts are slight. Tclose is margin for emulators to use the selfselfhomogeneous technology and captivate detached one of Wii‟s forces; their singularness.

More ask-for close consequenceion-

As Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 64 were not that abundantly prosperityful accordingly Nintendo was cowardly occasion manufacturing Wii so it consequenced too few Wii’s but the running ask-for was very abundantly proud.


Compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 the Wii does not feel the pictorial capacity that the others do. This may be viewed as a enervation to some of the over most-violent sportrs, yet some of the ward sportrs may not hanker as abundantly. Divers blogs and interviews say that younger commonalty are disappointed delay the pictorials such as the article Head of Factor 5 Calls Existing Wii Graphics “Disappointing” by Box News Channel periodical. The reality that the Wii does not feel the pictorials that the Xbox and the PS3 feel bring-abouts it cheaper, but divers impenetrablecore sportrs conquer be crusty off by this reality; making it a enervation.Hardcore sportr customers expected the pictorials to be a enchanced one but in dispose to conduct the figures affordefficacious Wii used a 64MB GDDR3 pictorials card. It made Wii cheaper as collated to Sony’s Playestablished delay judicious figure of $250 merely. This hanker to conduct the consequence affordefficacious assayd to be a embrace faced sword for Wii.

4.Dependence on reduce manufactures

Nintendo has familiar to demonstblame cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured kindred delay companies to consequence the deep disunites of their Wii solaces as polite as assembling all the disunites until artistic consequences are formed. The biggest drift was the new Wii solace that was in very proud ask-for that the manufactures were not efficacious to contribute disunites duratimerely . this shortage forced troop’s overall use as tclose was stagnation of artistic cheerful-natured-natured-natureds to be sold.

5.Limited Online sport resemble

The Wii so does not collate to the Xbox 360 or PS3 in its flatten of online sport resemble. Xbox has Xbox Live that allows for online multiplayer gaming as polite as despatch delay opponents thsevere a wireclose headset. PS3 so has a way for resembleers to coalesce thsevere the internet and cope in tournaments in multiform sports. Unhave the Xbox and PS3 the Wii does not feel a compatible online network, and tclose is no oral despatch between online opponents.


The palpable environment evaluation by perceptual map as shown beneath provides the Nintendo Wii delay opportunities they can captivate practice of. Key environmental opportunities are the conqueringness of consumers to feel multiple gaming schemes, the indelicate dispose of customers they can target, teen lay-outing, and the concern of consumers to be fit.

Willingness of consumers to feel multiple gaming schemes

In the gone-by, commonalty would chose one gaming scheme and use it singly. Recently, ultimately, consumers are beforthcoming conquering to feel multiple gaming schemes for divergent guiles. This is accordingly the video sport assiduity is beforthcoming over divers. According to the noise of the Games Segmentation 2008 from sales tracking and discovery fixed, The NPD Group, Playstation3 sportrs are chiefly havely to see Wii as their present gaming concern (shacknews.com).Therefore, Wii doesn‟t necessarily feel to re-establish other schemes to be prosperityful.

Wide dispose of customers

The indelicate dispose of commonalty havely to resemble Wii can acceleration delay sales. Young offspring wave their parents, occasion the sports are made so that parents and grandparents can have resembleing as polite. Commonalty already into gaming may see the Wii as singular, occasion those who are not big sportrs see that the Wii is so comfortable, they would have to begin. The Wii is expanding globally, taking practice of the turn totarget commonalty environing the earth who feel or feel not accustomed gaming. Hard-core sportrs so can use Wii. As sportrs, they are peeping environing the miscellany of sports on the dispense and are concerned in the new technology. “At the end of the day, Wii is a dire succorary scheme for impenetrable-core sportrs,” Mr. Gerstmann of Game- Spot said (New York Times).

Teen Purchasing Power

Teens are earning over currency now than eternally antecedently. They lay-out most of their hues on invigoration and technology, so that resources Wii has an turn to be disunite of what they lay-out their currency on.


Wii captivates unmeasured practice of sanity cognizant commonalty by providing them locomotive sports that growths tclose courage blame and oxygen incaptivate (Women’s sanity) it concedes commonalty a relaxed pertinency turn.

Indian Solace Market-

Now Nintendo is planning to penetblame the Indian solace dispense which can assay a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured turn as the fruitss expected from Indian dispense are $120 darling accordingly of the cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured mark shadow it so accelerationed in expanding the enumerate of indelicate knot users as Wii schemes are Internet ingenuous delay the updation power of

(Refer to sequel )


Outside realityors can frighten any consequence. The Threats can be evaluated using the proportionately Swot of Nintendo wii delay its emulators (associate to sequel). The Wii is frightened by the running economic drifts, new emulators, as polite as technical drifts resulting in a bad figure.

Economic Problems

Our arrangement is going thsevere a severe duration direct now. A recession is a intimidation to Wii accordingly commonalty are not going to be lay-outing as abundantly currency on effeminacy, shopping, and/or invigoration items. This recession could very polite inferior sales not merely for the Wii but for the unimpaired gaming assiduity. According to GfK Roper Consulting‟s Leisure Shopping examine, consumers conquer be satirical end and seeming for useful grants this Christmas (giftsanddec.com). Video sports were ranked 8th ultimate year on

the grant lay-outing register, but this year they are not uniform in the top ten (giftsanddec.com). The video sport dispense has not had as proud of growth in sales that they usually trial during this occasion. This shows that the recession is verily frightening the prosperity of the Wii.

New Competitors

At this object in duration the Wii does not cope delay any other consequence providing the selfselfhomogeneous expression of scheme. It is very practicable that companies such as Sony, Xbox, or other emulators could strive to produce a gaming established homogeneous to the Wii, but they government feel emend pictorials and over capabilities using the tumult sensing technology. The possibility of new two-of-a-trade could so be a intimidation for the Wii.

Technical Problems=Bad Reputation

The Nintendo Wii consequences had a few drifts when bringing exemptd. They are not unreserved for durability, and feel had drifts as users resembleed them a lot (BaBoom). The masters, for pattern, could feel had a emend guile. Although the cases are few in enumerates, divers commonalty heard environing the drifts of the masters stampede into the TV, for pattern. This can bring to recalls and lawsuits (BaBoom). Although these drifts are deeply from the existing stages of Wii, commonalty conquer frequently retain. Therefore, technical drifts can bring to a bad figure which frightens sales.

.Eliminated Movie Playing.

The Wii removed movie resembleing element of PS3 and Xbox it resembles dot. Wii standpointed merely on sports as resembleing movie requies proud conversion that adds consume to the consequence but this pretended consume doesnot align delay customers perceived compute.


In the gaming assiduity Nintendo has symmetrical a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured mark guileate Wii consequence haveed a bulky prosperity due to economic and other elements and delay new sports it was one of the most ask-foring solace which has singular solace delay sensors that bring-abouts it most haveefficacious and eager. Wii has paved a completimerely new course for over interlocomotive forthcoming of gaming assiduity, the innovative Wii is one of the singular media that Nintendo have delay the acceleration of which it was efficacious to concede potent two-of-a-trade to the other companies. Nintendo is eternally involved to do “over delay close”. The Swot dissection of Nintendo Wii shows its established in the dispense acrave delay it so reveals multiform opportunities that Wii can took practice of.

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