Analysis of Malaysian investment company Padini holdings Berhad

Company Background

Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based bombardment business association. Padini has setup its action in Malaysia’s robes perseverance, manufacturing and trading. Its consequence outoutline apprehends investment for men, women and progeny; women shoes, maternity sport and practice accessories for men, women and progeny.. It acts in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Its elder subsidiaries apprehend Vincci Ladies’ Specialties Centre Sdn. Bhd., Padini Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Seed Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Yee Fong Hung (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Mikihouse Children’s Sport Sdn. Bhd., Vincci Holdings Sdn. Bhd., Padini Dot Com Sdn. Bhd., The New World Garment Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd. and Padini International Limited.


Political Factors

In frequented to amend consumers disburseing in the investment perseverance, “Mega Carnival Sale” has been implemented by the Malaysian empire is to be held 3 spaces a year. Its ocean resolve is to further Malaysia as a “prize for currency treasuryping destination”. This fetid avenue attracts the wayfarer to treasury at the national robes outlets, which in depend would extension irrelevant wayfarer disburseing and extensions our empire’s irrelevant substitute hues. This would so allow the Malaysians to treasury nationally, which would use Padini Holdings Bhd in conditions of their sales. This has created an convenience for the peculiar companies. Howincessantly the policy consequence of such activities would exasperate the peculiar rule and extensions the compute of rivals in the peculiar bargain. Nevertheless, Padini Holdings would quiescent hold out as a bargain head.

Economic Factors

Malaysia’s economic development is to be has been impermanent indistinct from -1.5 to -2.6 from 2008 to 2010. The prominent development was during the limit of March to September 2009 which extensions from -7, 8 to 5.7. The economic development is expected to be due to the peculiar bargain behind a while development in the peculiar sector. The peculiar sector constitutes up the elderity of the Malaysian rule, behind a while peculiar decay accounting for closely 44% of GDP. “Love Malaysia, Buy Malaysia” engagement was inaugurated to by the empire to get Malaysians to help peculiar bargain and charm holidays in national wayfarer sites. The empire so subsequently inaugurated a national engagement on intelligent disburseing, behind a while the aim to school consumers on the avail of peculiar call-for on the GDP development and economic resuscitation as a entire.

Social Factors

Malaysian is classified as an upper average-proceeds empire, and considered as one of the most unguarded inchoate the developing countries. Average proceeds incessantlyydays defined as those gaining among RM1, 500 and RM3, 500 per month, and has extensiond from 32.3% of sum incessantlyyday population in 1995 to 37% in 1999. The low-proceeds collocation, categorized by incessantlyyday proceeds of up to RM1, 500 per month, disburses a symmetry of this quantity on prop. Meanwhile, the exalted and average proceeds incessantlyydays disburse most of their currency at hypermarkets. 3.4% of their proceeds is elapsed on investment and worthiest sport. Malaysia’s consumers’ spiritmode has been changing for the meliorate due to the mollify in command levels. Exalted mark venders as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as global body instrument accept shaped consumers’ buying behaviour, consequenceing in the Malaysians substance over westernized. The Malaysian’s spirit quiet spirit revolves environing incliney treasuryping malls. Therefore Padini Holdings Bhd has to be over update behind a while the concluding inclines. They accept to circulate and obey the consumers conscious and reminded that they quiescent seal and produce the customers behind a while temper and incliney vestments.

Technological Factor

With the Internet and e-commerce, venders can now adjust-of their consequences onoutline and transmit it to customers on their door-step efficiently behind a whilein a judicious create. It can constitute customers’ spirit over handy as they do not scarcity to get their house to go alienation a consequence in the hyperbargain and making the alienation at the self-approval of their own residence. Furthermore, venders can so adjust-of their consequences to the overseas bargain behind a whileout the scarcity to unconcealed a conspicuous treasury in the irrelevant empire. This helps Padini Holdings to gain over emolument using onoutline intermediaries and cut requires by not establishing new treasurys in undeniconducive areas.


4.1 Intensity of counterassociation inchoate sealing rivals

In today’s perseverance, abundant association has extension its bigness in frequented to competitively fit. Most association now is homogeneous big in conditions of bigness. When the secures are of resembling bigness, they procure accept to rival for the selfselfsimilar instrument such as disgrace representation, bargain portion-out, customers’ fealty, and other content. This would consequence in a exalted counterassociation and a denunciation for Padini Holdings Bhd, specially gone its rivals: Giordano Holdings Bhd, Bonia Corporation Bhd and Esprit are of resembling bigness. Hence, Padini has to rival behind a while fetid strategies, such as unconcealeding over outlets and creating new and inclineier modes and artfulnesss to seize customers’ observation.

Cost of switching is low

The require of switching is low, consequently customer procure merely accept to assimilate worths of rivals investment and utilitys offered. They can so assimilate the modes of the investment occasion. This extensions the counterassociation inchoate rivals and Padini procure nincessantly seal competing opposing Bonia, Esprit, Giordano to secure that they constitute a sale, and that customers procure steadyly obey retuning consequently of the incliney investment modes. This is a big lay-hold-on for the rivals consequently steady advertising counts in tenure to the customers.

Threat of Substitutes

In the vending and manufacturing perseverance for robess, tnear is no conspicuous replace, consequently investment is a basic scarcity and need. However, tnear are virtual replaces in reaching to the customers. This is in the create of a non-retailing treasury, wnear by it is sloth gaining popularity in the Asian countries. Non-retailing apprehend frequented mail, onoutline treasuryping, frequented mailers, telephone sales, door-to-door adjust-ofing. In Malaysia, we accept already seen this unmistakconducive such as SmartShop,

Cosway, Amway, and others. Howincessantly the discuss of replaces is unsound, consequently tnear isn’t an record yet on investment merely may-be onoutline treasuryping which is currently adapted at wide, but hasn’t gained popularity in the Asian refinement.

The susceptibility of Buyers

Padini has the selfselfsimilar customer worthiest as its rivals. Therefore, switching require is low and if customers are not satisfied behind a while the temper, and utility offered it can switch abundantly to its rivals and alienation from them. The offspring near is the practice, how practiceconducive is the consequences of Padini and does it produce the meliorate prize to the customers than its adversary. The bargaining susceptibility of buyers near is abstinent, and they can govern practice and incline. Thus Padini must be easily-affected to the customer’s incessantly changing incline to compensate their scarcitys. However, the consequences are opposediated, thus buyers aren’t conducive to invent the selfselfsimilar mode and instead accept to alienation from Padini uniform if the worth is abstinently exalted.

Threat of record

The sealing companies such as Padini, Bonia and Elba accept already systematic themselves behind a while manufacturing. They are already gratuitous at the last require enjoyly consequently their adjust-ofing worths are ample worthlesser than irrelevant rivals. Gone they achieved economic of layer it is unmanagepowerful for new behindrs to behind into the bargain, consequently they procure aspect reprisals from the sealing companies. New companies can behind into the bargain, howincessantly they cannot act in a wide layer behind a whileout-delay, instead they can rival behind a while smaller rivals that are not inventoryed in the KLSE, and once they accept been in the bargain for covet and accept distant in bigness, can they set-out to rival behind a while Elba, Padini, Espirit and Bonia.

Product Differentiation

Established secures enjoy Padini, Elba, and Bonia already accept disgrace identification and customer loyalties. It has charmn various years to obtain this through weighty expenditures elapsed on advertising, creating a amipowerful customer utility, creating the consequences behind a while mode and practice. As for Padini, they accept acquired a wide quantity of bargain portion-out behind establishing its disgrace for a covet space. Thus, record near procure be low consequently new companies procure accept to examine the bargain and do amipowerful national relations to win the courage of consumers. Furthermore, it is very foolhardy to plant a disgrace spectry, consequently tnear is a virtual of demand uniform if a big quantity of currency has been elapsed on advertising, thus indisposition from a set-out up mislaying which may charm years to retrieve.


Within the robes perseverance, near are a compute of venders that accept already been courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved systematic such as, Bonia, Espirit, and Giordano that are frequented rivals of Padini. They are adjust-ofing the selfselfsimilar consequence but it is exaltedly opposediated in their mode, artfulness and utilitys produced.

Bonia Corporation Bhd

Bonia was incorporated as a peculiar association on 28th August 1981, and became national on 22nd June 1993. The Bonia Collocation is compromised in the artfulnessing, manufacturing, bargaining, vending, entiresaling and franchising of practiceconducive leather amiables, accessories and robes for the national and overseas bargains. Bonia’s bargain portion-out in Malaysia and Singapore is currently among 35% and 40%. Bonia has two contenties in Malaysia. The strengths possessed by Bonia is that accept a surpassing and courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved systematic disgrace spectry, assimilated to the createal sport at Elba’s practice menswear. They accept so distant into the irrelevant bargain such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Bonia has various promotional activities such as the members’ card, whereby summit can be accumulated. The unsoundness of Bonia is that during the 97’crisis, their financial execution had been affected, and in the succeeding years, they had to substitute their temporization and centre on the kernel consequences and to secure a emolument, they had to adjust of their fix which was meant for the interpretation of apartments.

Esprit Holdings Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Esprit Holdings Limited is employed in the sourcing, vend and entiresale disposal and licensing of temper and spiritmode consequences artfulnessed subordinate the globally systematic ESPRIT disgrace spectry. It has been a inventoryed association in Hong Kong gone 1993 and has a induced inventorying on the London Stock Substitute gone December 1998. The strengths of Esprit is that they accept a very courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved systematic disgrace, and they accept been dilateing tremendously in the overseas bargain, and accept ventured into new consequence outlines such as sports sport and vestments for kids. They accept been

successful in their financial execution, and accept managed to outlast behind a while explicit figures uniform during the churlish uniformts that took fix in the rule.

However, the unsoundness is that in Malaysia itself, they are not very fetid in their advertising. They inconstantly circulate when tnear is a sale or when any other promotional uniformts are insertion fix or when they are launching a new investment artfulness.


The association was systematic in 1981 and it is one of the courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved unconcealed and systematic disgraces in the Asia Pacific territory specially Malaysia. Giordano is a vender of unisex unforeseen sport robes catering to a bargain which is youthful and looking for affordconducive vestments. Simplicity is may-be the most momentous persuasive highest of the disgrace Giordano feels that by obeying incessantlyything absolute. The strengths of Giordano are that it offers absolute investment in conditions of its artfulnesss. It is worthless assimilated to other irrelevant rivals enjoy Esprit, and uniform behind a while these affordconducive worths, their consequences are of amipowerful temper. The unsoundness howincessantly is that they accept been doing sick in their financial execution incessantly gone the 97’crisis took fix. Thus, behind a while scant funds, they are not conducive to fetidly circulate and dilate their outlets opposing the Malaysia territory.


The key good-fortune contents of Padini are that they are very fetid in their advertising assimilate to most of their rival. They apprehend-again the prize of promotions and advertising as a way of planting a disgrace representation. This incepts a fortified representation in the customers’ remembrance that it is a disgrace of sublime prize and affordconducive for them. Padini is steadyly one of the top few disgrace in the customer’s inventory when they buy their vestments specially createal dressings. Padini is steadyly implementing new concepts diversely in the robes perseverance in frequented to be unpredictconducive and hold out from its rivals. The secure is so began to dilate into overseas neigbouring countries such as Bangkok and Thailand. This accounts for one of its globalization strategies. The downpolicy of this association is that it has too abundant opposed disgraces. Their renowned disgraces is Padini Concept and Vincci which is widely unconcealed by the consumers inasmuch-as the other disgraces are not courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved unguarded to the customers. Some of them possibly unconcealed to the customer but they do not apprehend that they becovet to the selfselfsimilar extraction.

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