Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant Is A Seafood Restaurant Marketing Essay

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant is a seasubsistence restaurant biblical by Forrest Gump movie that excel in 1994. In 1996, the chief Bubba Gump’s restaurant was opened in Monterey, California. The restaurant grew in magnitude balance the years and recurrent a immunity mark inferior the spectry of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. International. The Headquarter of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is located in San Clemente, CA, U.S.

The allege that very glorious of Bubba Gump is “Life is enjoy a box of chocolates, You neternally comprehend what you’re gonna get”.

The union spectryd was enslaved from the movie of two deep characters, Bubba Blue-colored and Forrest Gump, who had the covet to go into the shrimp assiduity. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. captured the allurement and the American breath delay residence internal cunning of the movie’s elucidation in Alabama. The elucidation of the restaurant is very interactive and rare.

The immunity restaurant is distribute balance 11 interpolitical precipitations and most of the precipitation is the itinerant fault. Bubba Gump is a incidental extraction seasubsistence restaurant comprehendn for its iconic precipitations, interactive labor and excellent term menu abnormity.

The menu at Bubba Gump is chiefly associated delay shrimp dishes, but too offers a abnormity of other seafood. One of the deep nucleuses of the wholesome phraseology is southern and Cajun cuisine, as the deep characters in the film came from Alabama. As of 2009, Bubba Gump has 33 exits, delay 22 in U.S, 2 in Mexico, and 9 in Asia which located in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and China.

The restaurant sells one darling pounds of shrimp each year. For the possessor of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is Viacom Consumer Products. The union too own Capi’s Italian Kitchen, Mai Tai Bar and Rusty Pelican.

This restaurant is husk a rare restaurant, consequently of the labor, subsistence and cunning of the restaurant. The watchfulness of the subsistence is husk a big watchfulness, accordingly in-great-meaindisputable visitor accomplish be sharing.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant, Inc. in Malaysia

1.2.1 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in the Curve, Malaysia

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant Inc. opened in Malaysia in 19 April 2008 by The Naza Bunch of Companies, which has a 30 year truth of victory in the Automobile assiduity. NZ Diners is a top of the Subsistence and Beverage for The Naza Group. The chief exit in Malaysia opened in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Bubba Gump restaurant in The Curve is the 32nd exit worldwide where SM Nasarudin Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama SM Nasimuddin, CEO of NZ Diners Sdn. Bhd.

Same as the others exit of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Curve has internal cunning of Forrest Gump movie memorabilia, tranquil-photos, and reproductions of script pages, anecdoteboards and consumeumes. The ambience of this exit at The Curve has been cunninged to afford all signatures Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. dining trial.

1.2.2 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. opened on 10th March 2009. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia is the biggest Bubba Gump restaurant in Asia; it is envelope 9,000 sq ft. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sunway Pyramid relative is the 33rd exit worldwide.

There are diverse unanalogous grounds employmenboard in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. For point are gump scion, elvis ground and deep dining. Gump Scion is the counterfeit of Forrest Gump scion. 6 boards are employmenboard in Gump scion which the internal cunning of Gump scion is all encircling Forrest, Jenny, and his Mother.

Second is elvis ground. Elvis ground is a inscription of Forrest Gump of Elvis Presley. In the movie, Elvis Presley eternally been to Forrest’s scion and they eternally denote, shortnesson and rejoice concomitantly. Furthermore, elvis ground has 13 boards and 1 margin place guileated Elvis’s place. Elvis ground is employmenboard for any watchfulness from 20-50 living-souls.

Third is deep dining is the deep area of the restaurant. The cunning is all encircling Forrest’s Gump anecdote. There are two margin places suppochuckle in deep dining area which are seamargin place and gump place. Coffee creator and hot leak are employmenboard in Gump place and elvis place if is opened.

If visitor are animated in doing manifestation in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sunway Pyramid, the visitors are required to space in grade. For the birthday watchfulness, they accomplish arrange Bubba Gump birthday cake and asked the staff to rejoice Bubba Gump birthday poem. The birthday peculiar has to consist on the chair. This is one of the Bubba Gump rules. Rules of Labor in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

These Rules own to flourish by all the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Based on the remark of the restaurant, Bubba Gump has a rare labor, which regularly says “Hi, How Are You?” .This is a concept of Bubba Gump. Bubba Gump has 10 rules that eternallyyone own to flourish, by Phase of the scion and Tail of the scion.

The 10 rules guileated top ten, which are:

All actions accomplish disdenote balancewhelming anxiety and regret for twain the visitor and each other.

Be detain-akeep-adeal-out of the team – appear your best!

Attend and detain-ahave-a-share in the 5 minutes parley. It’s Showtime!

Smile and say “Hi, how are you?” To eternallyy visitor.

Greet the visitors sboard and succor them furnish trash they accomplish charity.

Engage our visitors…compel them actuate at residence.

Impress the visitor delay your comprehendledge.

Do the straight man courteous-balanced no one is wakeing and be presumptuous of your trial!

Care encircling eternallyyone’s prophylactic and bloom and determine harmonious sanitation at all eras.

Talk to your superintendent – anteriorly, during, and following your transfer.

Because of Bubba Gump is established on the “Forest Gump” movie, Therefore, eternallyyone own to wake Forest Gump’s movie anteriorly they set-out to consummateance. Established on the remark, race who set-out coalition this restaurant own to be advantageserviceefficient anteriorly serving specificly. Means, eternallyyone that following for consummateanceing either a detain-akeep-adeal-out erar or unmeasured erar own to be advantageserviceefficient anteriorly they obey the board. Superintendent accomplish examine and ask the doubt in the end of the transfer on that day.

First day trailing, trainee accomplish be in the command one that guileated “the basic” which comprise pre-shift, prophylactic, comprehendledge, conceptual, board deeptenance, and support winnow. Second command is guileated “expo”, in this command trainee accomplish collect encircling pre-shift, phase desk (1 hour), dispense (1 hour), expo (2 hours), Bar expo (2 hours) and support transfer. Third command guileated “sales”, trainee accomplish collect encircling pre-shift, comprehendledge, trial, watchfulnessing, and support transfer. Mostly, sales command is nucleus on instruction for customer. Forth command is “solo”, solo is the day that the trainee accomplish be refractory and accomplish own a board but tranquil urejoice the trainer’s card. Following the command of Solo, the trainee has to do the written ordeal and spoken ordeal by superintendent. If the trainee passed the ordeal, the superintendent accomplish afford the card inferior the trainee spectry.

For the attainments, tips that the customer afford is appertain to the obeyr. Uniqueness of the restaurant is compute of the board all set-outed delay 1, so there is no compute 0, for the ins board compute 11, 21, 31, etc. In Bubba Gump amelioration, there is no discard. The discard is the obeyr in-charge of the board; accordingly eternallyy obeyr deficiencys fine notes for changes. Perfect staff has to excavate a harmonious regular. Established on the remark, normally obeyr has minimal 2 boards and climax of 3 boards. Servers own to belong to reckon for the bottom intention, which is a intention of the minority of board in the restaurant.

Bubba Gump has its own amelioration specially in boldness the visitor. There is a permit extracts on eternallyy board in the restaurant. The permit extracts stop of 2 extracts which are Run Forest Run and Stop Forest Stop. The scope of these permit extracts is t retirement the visitor to fawn the obeyr when they deficiency support. This is one of the animated detain-aaccommodation of Bubba Gump, the rareness of labors. Visitor harmonious deficiencys to flip the permit extract to get the heed of obeyr.

All the sauces, vinegar, Tabasco, and wet structure are employmenboard in bucket on the board as courteous as fine extract. This board cunninged for the retirement of visitor and obeyr. Each board has to own 3 colors of extracts, which are red, blue-colored, and snowy. There own 3 colors of extracts is consequently this is a amelioration of Bubba Bump.

Steps of boldness board

Smile and say “Hi, how are you?” and consummate the coaster shuffle

Ask whether the visitor is chief erar or they had dine in anteriorly at Bubba Gump

If yes, do decipher encircling permit extract and ping pong paddle. If no, ask the visitor, Do they tranquil retain how the permit extract consummateance

Ask them do they shortness a subsistence instruction? If yes, afford a subsistence instruction and decipher encircling the menu.

Give the Visitor some era to own a appear at the menu.

Taking command

Key in the command

Play trivia

Send the draught and subsistence

2 minutes stop tail, ask encircling the subsistence.

Always do pre-bus. Pre-bus resources pure the void extracts, ask them is it practicserviceefficient to pure the extract?

Give the beak.

Clear the board

Set tail the board

Get compliant for revenue

Trivia is a satire encircling Forest Gump’s movie. In Bubba Gump, the detain-apart-timer (server) can be a trainer if the superintendent saw the power of the staff. Servers are advantageserviceefficient to actuate to Bar if they unquestionably own an watchfulness in bar. In this predicament, anteriorly they went to bar, the superintendent accomplish ordeal the comprehendledge of the obeyr. .

Introduction of Labor Quality

2.1 Restriction of Labor Quality

Service is the consummateance of consummateance or duties of a staff. Term is an power of a result of labor to coalesce a customer’s foreseeancys of the result or labor. From this assertion can be concluded as labor term is a equalize and command of consummateance during and following to suffice the customer foreseeancy which do not add treaindisputable for customer. The labor term is established on the responsiveness and availpower of the staff.

According to Abdullah, Rozario (2009), Labor term is an collocation or global belief encircling the eminence of a labor that consummate a term labor that exceeds customers’ foreseeancy. Labor term too determines a customer’s atonement. Labor term is swingd by foreseeancy, command term and output term. Labor of the restaurant is try to reform and arrange term labor to coalesce suffice the customer. Zeithaml (1988) objects term can be defined as eminence or distinction.

2.2 GAP of the Labor Quality

Figure 1: Conceptual Trutination of Labor term

This Gap dissection of labors term was build by Zeithaml, Berry, Parasuraman (1988). This gap dissection of labor term deciphered encircling customer and dispenseer which is restaurant. This Gap dissection is comprehendn as SERVQUAL Model.

Gap1: Difference among customer foreseeancys and skillful-treatment cognizances of consumer foreseeancys.

Gap2: Difference among skillful-treatment cognizances of consumer foreseeancys and labor term specifications.

Gap3: Difference among labor term specifications and the labor in-pi freeed.

Gap 4: Difference among labor donation and what is transmitted encircling the labor to consumers.

Gap 5 : Difference among consumer foreseeancy and cognizance. This consists on the magnitude and line of the lewd gaps associated delay the donation of labor term on the dispenseer’s margin.

Mostly, race who going to restaurant is foreseeed the labor and subsistence. In this predicament, race following to restaurant has manifold reasons. Established on Zeithaml, Berry, & Parasuraman (1988), customer following is consequently of inmargin their peculiaral deficiencys, spent trial and some is consequently hole messages.

They deficiency an foreseeed labors form the restaurant. In the other laborer, the dispenseer (restaurant) should collect how to do free the foreseeed labor to customer, by collecting employee and customer comportment.

Gap 1: Difference among Consumer Expectations and Skillful-treatment Perceptions of Consumer Expectation

Theoretical Constructs

Specific variables

Marketing lore orientation

Degree to which dispenseing lore nucleuses on labor term manifestations

Extent of straightforward interaction among superintendents and customers

Upward message

Extent of employee-to-superintendent message

Quality of adjunction among top superintendents and adjunction peculiarnel

Tserviceefficient 1: Labor term skillful-treatment Gap 1

In Gap 1, there are few purely defined and truth cues for labors; the gap among what consumers foresee and what superintendents reckon they foresee may be considerably larger than it is in solids that fruit express movables (Zeithaml, Berry, and Parasuraman 1988). An agency orientation diverts nucleus from consumers and reduces trial to inferiorconsist their deficiencys and foreseeancy.

The truthor that swingd the station to which dispenseing lore nucleuses on labor term manifestations is an space which top superintendent can interact delay the customers (Zeithaml, Berry, Parasuraman 1988). In Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. the superintendent own performed do a boldness to a visitor and ask encircling the cognizance of the subsistence, and restaurant.

top superintendent’s inferiorstanding of the consumer may consist abundantly on the space and types of message common from customer-adjunction peculiarnel and from non union peculiarnel. The significant of the upward message is its term or piiveness; for point, phase to phase message and written rumor.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Collected occupation card from customer who accomplishing to put it into bucket to do a fortunate attract for each month and the winner accomplish get a confer. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was communicating delay customer by doing a fortunate attract. Phase to phase message can be performed by boldness the customer at their board and own some fine conference.

Most of the truthors were confused message and coerce commandes that implemented in construction to husband employees. Message is significant for eternallyy union to be victory. Extraneously message, race would not be advantageserviceefficient to interact delay others.

From the loreer remark, in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Sunway pyramid all the superintendents are well-inclined. This is consequently each superintendent has a basic of Top ten compute 10, which is conference to your superintendent-before, during, following your transfer. From this basic of top ten, it made a extraction tailground of Bubba Gump.

The scope of this Gap is to authenticate a reasonably to consummate set of truthors hypothetically solemn the significant predicament and line of the lewd gap on the dispenseer’s margin.

Gap 2: Skillful-treatment Perception- Labor Term Specification Gap

Theoretical Constructs

Specific Variable

Goal Setting

Existence of a formal command for elucidation term of labor motive

Perception of feasibility

Capabilities / method for parley specifications

Tserviceefficient 2: Labor Term Skillful-treatment Gap 2

Goal elucidation, Established on the lore of Zeithaml, Berry, Parasuraman (1988) labor is consummateance, motive for labor donation are usually gauged the consummateance.

According to Ivancevich and McMahon (1982) motive elucidation is not barely reform in twain constructional consummateance and specific consummatement, but it accomplish increases balanceall coerce of the construction. Motive elucidation is a hasten of answering the phone fawn, laborerling complaints, beaks was emend.

All restaurants own their own motive to consummate the term of labor. Identical goes to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. which set a consistard term to consummate the motive. For point, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. had advantageserviceefficient the staff anteriorly they obey the visitor. This is the way Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. doing to consummate the labor motive.

Perception of feasibility, era required to arrange a labor is cannot forestall. For the in is donation subsistence, when the restaurant do own a unmeasured scion, the subsistence donation is going to slack. It was consequently all the command detain future in and sum of kitchen’s staffs are tranquil the identical. To get the customer’s heed tail, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. compose a trivia labors, which is examination some doubt encircling the Forrest Gump movie and some bar sleight.

Gap 3: Labor Term Specification- Labor Donation Gap

Theoretical Constructs

Specific Variable


Extent to which employees object other employee as customers.

Tserviceefficient 3: Labor Term Skillful-treatment Gap 3

Teamwork, treaindisputable of team consummateance is employees and superintendents pulling concomitantly for a motive (Zeithaml, Berry,; Parasuraman 1988). According to Lawler and Cammann (1972), excellent consummateance of bunch is to accomplish the motives, race accomplish allowing the bunch to detain-ahave-a-share in sentence making.

In Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. all the staff do own a team consummateance, it proved by the top ten compute 2 “Be detain-akeep-adeal-out of your team, appear your best!”. For the in of this Top ten compute 2 are chief is regular, regular is a big form of the restaurant. This has resources concomitantlyness. Second is “Flat tire”. It is consequently when the peculiar drops celebrity, they would not be advantageserviceefficient to actuate until another peculiar has following to succor.

Gap 4: Difference Among Labor Donation and Outer Communications

Theoretical Constructs

Specific Variable

Horizontal Communication

Extent to which adjunction peculiarnel are certified of outer message to customer anteriorly they happen

Tserviceefficient 4: Labor Term Skillful-treatment Gap 4

Horizontal message, dull message is the margin attainments flows that happen twain delayin and among departments of an construction (Draft and Steers 1985).The scope of dull message is to coordinate race and departments so that the balanceall motives of the construction are consummated.

An significant phase of dull message is the coordination or integration of departments in an construction to consummate strategic objectives (Anderson 1984).

All the union has dull attainments which not all race can in. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and NZ Diner had dull attainments which other race not be advantageserviceefficient to access.

2.3 Blossom of Service

Figure 2: Blossom of Labor Model

The Blossom of labor has been build by Christopher Lovelock & Jochen wirtz (2004)

The blossom of labor had separate by 2 which are: Facilitating atom and Enhancing atoms.

For the Facilitating atoms are:





For the Enhancing atoms are:





The description encircling the facilitating atoms and enhancing atoms


Customers are requiring attainments encircling how to gain and use a result or labors. The attainments could be labor and attainments encircling the subsistence and beverages. Restaurant attainments should be affordn by the employee to visitor delayout any miscommunication. The attainments should competition the express of subsistence and labors.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Malaysia is a “halal” restaurant, but in the menu there is some beverages that inclose an alcohol, accordingly in the instruction of the subsistence and beverages there should be deciphered which beverages is “halal” and “non-halal”.

Order vestibule

Since the staff has attainments encircling the total menu of subsistence and beverage, import they are compliant for vestibule command. This attainments is to succor the obeyr to afford attainments, suitableness the visitor asked.

Bubba Gump amelioration is if the visitor has compliant for commands harmonious hinge tail the permit extract, which is “Stop Forrest Stop” to command the subsistence or beverages. Following all command vestibule has performed, the obeyr accomplish recapitulate the command to envelop prove the command.


The esteem should be purely normal to the visitor anteriorly the visitor having the reckless. Following all the reckless and draughts been obeyd, the ultimate beak should specify purely all the consume. This is for envelop unite to all they had commanded.


Should afford the visitor era to test the consume of the reckless they had commanded anteriorly doing the reimbursement. The reimbursement should be stable, to compel a visitor actuate pleased delay the labor.

There is no discard in Bubba Gump. Therefore, all the reimbursement is performed by the obeyr who vestibule anxiety the board. In this predicament, the obeyr must own fine notes for the changes. This is for the retirement of twain visitor and obeyr.


In Services table can be forcible by the instruction of subsistence affordn by the obeyr to the visitor. This is to prmanifestation the allergic and interdict subsistence (“halal”). This table can be cognate delay staff comportment which is employee and superintendent.

In Bubba Gump, it is practicserviceefficient to ask the obeyr to get attainments encircling the ingredients of subsistence, if some of the visitors had allergic to some subsistences. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is specializing in Shrimp. This table can be comprised in top ten computes 5 which is welcome the visitor sboard and succor them furnish trash they accomplish charity.


Restaurant is detain-akeep-adeal-out of hope assiduity; accordingly, labor is another deep result following subsistence and beverage. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. regularly compel customer actuate Bubba Gump is enjoy their residence (top ten computes 6 which is Engage our visitor…compel them actuate at residence)


Guest deficiencys a prophylactic, in restaurant the staffs should negotiate visitors enjoy negotiateing themselves. Regularly compel indisputable all the embracing is noticeable and in harmonious term. Import there is no assailant delay each other. Carevestibule can be regret in top ten no 1 which is disdenote balancewhelming anxiety and regret for twain visitor and each other.

Definition of Customer Expectation

According to Thomsett Expectancy (1997), Expectancy can be translated as limitations which the restriction is an attainments method manifestation, a mediator among the occupation deficiency the customer has and the result requested to coalesce that deficiency. This is the most cognate doubt in customer foreseeancy, for the ins; “What” is for professional limitation, “How” is for term limitations, “When” is for grindts, and “Why” is for borrowed treaindisputable limitations (Killoran John 2001). Sometimes when visitor actuate that their foreseeancy of labor are fulfilled, they accomplish actuate pleased and prosperous.

Definition of customer atonement

Based on the Occupation glossary, customer atonement is a movables or labors of a solid as gauged by the compute of recapitulate customer. Customer atonement too established on the customer’s trial of twain adjunction delay the solid and peculiaral outcomes (Center for the examine of gregarious device, 2007). The customer atonement is very significant to the labor term; consequently the labor term is meaindisputable by how excellent the customer atonement in each visitor.

The trutination of customer atonement is Transaction-specific-trutination by Teas (1993) and broad by Parasuraman, Zeithaml, Berry (1994). This trutination deciphers that the possessor of the restaurant (manager) should nucleus the customer atonement on three superior atoms, which are labor term (responsiveness), esteem and subsistence term (reliability).

Based on Wall and Berry (2007), Visitor is used to arbitrator a restaurant by dinning in, so there are types of clues to arbitrator. Which are:

For the Professional is the technical term of the subsistence and labor

Mechanic is the ambience and the other cunning and technical atoms

Humanic is the consummateance, comportment, and arrival of the employee.

To free a stopent labor in restaurant, superintendent should construct the significant predicament. For customer cognizances of workman clues are positively cognate to their foreseeancys of the labor, suitableness humanic clues command the swing of workman clues. (Wall and Berry 2007).

Definition of Employee labor consummateance

In open, Employee labor consummateance belongs to comportments that are appropriate to constructional motives and inferior the coerce of specific employees (Campbell, McCloy, Oppler, & Sager 1993). In labor elucidations, customers own befollowing an significant truthor in how employee consummateance is defined (Bowan & Waldman 1999). According to Bowen and Schneider (1988), there are three defining characteristics of labor-intangibility, concomitant resultion and decrease, and customer “coproduction”-all of which indicate that “the consumer trial is significant, if not past than significant than the consumer good”.

The term of the interaction among employee and customer is crucial in determining customer atonement. Therefore, the comportment of the employee denotes an significant role in shaping the customer’s cognizance of labor term (Liao and Chuang 2004). According to Kozlowski & Klein (2000) said that specific equalize of dissection is separated into 2 which are Macro is the store-level-barely way ignores importful specific differences, suitableness Micro is the specific-level-barely way neglects contextual truthors that can significantly swing and grind specific comportment. Bunch can be truthors that desire the employee consummateance of labor. For point is comportment of the employee.

According to Liao and Chuang (2004), Specific differences truthor own been attested as significant correlates of labor consummateance. This truthor would swing on employee labors. There are 2 truthor swing on employee labor consummateance, which are straightforward and moderating pi.

Bowen & Waldman, (1999) object consistard consummateance is palpably on customer foreseeancys encourages employees’ agreement in comportment that are detain-aspecially professional in achieving desirserviceefficient customer outcomes. Employee consummateance was defined employees’ labor consummateance as their comportments of serving and succoring customers (Liao, and Chuang 2004)

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