Drug Screening in Government Assistance Programs

The United States Federal Empire Should Initiate Garbage Screening For Citizens Who Prosecute Empire Assistance.


Negative Prudence # 1

As Pollack, Danziger, Jayakody & Seefeldt (2002) asseverate, initiating polite-founded dug warding for all citizens prosecuteing empire protection is definitely valuable. The donation of new garbage warding arrangement in quantity that accomplish be cogent to ward all nation who apportion for happiness programs, chiefly after a interval the great population of America, would unquestionably be an elevated-priced exertion. In particularation, approve any other channel, the garbage ward arrangement accomplish exact symmetrical servicing and defence, which exact aggravate instrument at cork intervals. It is equivalent undoubted that in ordain for the warding programs to be auspicious, medical professionals and technological professionals accomplish insufficiency to procure segregate. This implies that a suitable staff that comprises of specialists in all mismisappropriate sectors of exercise and in mismisappropriate quantity accomplish mandatorily be industrious to fabricate the program a luck. Apparently, the absorb of purchasing the garbage warding arrangement, maintaining them, and pay for all the confused expenses including the cosmical instrument is most approvely to ato-leap the aggregate of currency that the federal empire would obviate on implementing garbage warding cunning to beings prosecuteing empire’s protection (Pollack et al., 2002). Similar to Pollack et al. (2002), Carey (1998) emphasizes that the implementation of obligatory garbage testing policies to citizens who prosecute for empire’s protection is deficiencyless, untenable, and the primary roll of stabilitate of taxpayers’ currency.The implementation of laws that maintenance mandatory garbage warding for nation apportioning for empire protection is deficiencyless and stabilitate of taxpayers’ currency

Therefore, it deficiencyless and unjustificogent that the federal empire engages in a aggravate elevated-priced program after a interval intentions to obviate taxpayers’ currency, as the implementation of the garbage warding program accomplish absorb a lot aggravate of the taxpayers’ currency than the happiness programs as they currently are (precedently the implementation of the cunning).

Fielding, Long, Imam, Tye & Ogawa (2002) prefer declares that initiating garbage ward for all citizens prosecuteing empire’s protection is approvely to entertain very weak (negligible) or equable no issue on the predominance of garbage affront in the empire. According to Fielding et al. (2002), a eldership of nation who are financially vulnercogent in the United States are not garbage addicts. The absorb of garbages in the empire is proportionately elevated-priced for divers nation cognate to moneyless population, chiefly after a interval the elevated tax rates that the empire has implemented on garbages aggravate after years. They too notes that it is greatly aggravate reasoncogent for the Federal empire to indicate the predominance garbage use in the empire by assessing nation established in their ages rather than proceeds, as a eldership of garbage users lapse after a intervalin the prolific ages of incomplete 16 and 40 years (Fielding et al., 2002). Hence, the implementation of garbage warding cunning, which solely demands for mandatory garbage testing incomplete the economically tender, is approvely illustrate an trivial role in considerable garbage use in the empire.

Referring to Guthrie (1990), the implementation of the mandatory garbage warding commencement for beings segregateicipating in happiness programs is iljuridical and a permutation of nation directs to retirement and insubservience to fabricate separate choices. After a interval the garbage warding cunning requiring that all nation insufficiencying empire protection must be tested for all sorts of garbages including alcohol and tobacco precedently they can be choice for the protection, it is absolved that the implementation of the cunning accomplish divulsion the law, chiefly after a interval the occurrence that alcohol and tobacco are juridical garbages in the United States. Provided one has attained the exactd age, he or she has the direct use garbages that are juridical for whichever reasons. Thus, it is iljuridical and discriminative for the Federal empire to reject law-abiding citizens the direct to use juridical garbages normal accordingly they are financially vulnercogent and exacts protection from empire-sponsored happiness programs.

Negative prudence # 1

Rather than implementing mandatory garbage warding cunning to all citizens who apportion for happiness programs, the empire should maintenance awareness figment programs that accomplish discountenance all members of the communion to forbear from garbage affront (DiNardo, 1994). The empire should maintenance school-established programs that aim at educating students in all rolls of education ranging from elementary, inferior, middle-roll colleges, to universities on the dangers of garbage use. The empire should equivalent use the mainstream instrument to run campaigns that discountenance garbage use interval at the corresponding interval period the campaigns on the corresponding instrument that further garbage use. The federal empire should equivalent make all garbage manufacturers to enclose cautionary or admonition messages on the packages of their products to enlarge consumers on the disclaiming issues of the garbages they are using. Through the figment of sensation on the insufficiency to discard garbage use, it is absolved that divers nation accomplish enlarge an interior motivation to seal garbage affront rather than being makeled to seal using garbages accordingly one is financially tender.

As Pavetti, Olson, Nightingale, Duke & Isaacs (1997) points out, garbage addiction is approve a continuous indisposition and one barely, whether accomplishingly or reluctantly, seal the performance aggravatenight. Stopping garbage use is a slow manner, and garbage addicts insufficiency to be procuren through large comportment transmute programs that may procure up to one or two years. Established on that, the Federal empire should form aggravate rehabilitation facilities and arrange them after a interval the indispensable cosmical instrument and channelry after a interval which to maintenance garbage addicts to seal unprolific garbage use; instead of implementing the imperious and iljuridical garbage testing cunning on applicants of empire’s protection. The advent to the rehabilitation programs should equivalent be enhanced, segregateicularly by making them affordcogent to all nation including the economically tender. Using the comportment transmute programs where professionals procure garbage addicts through slow steps in on how to seal the addiction, it is plum that the empire is to-leap to get emend results on garbage moderate than implementing the garbage cunning, which accomplish exact nation to forcefully, seal garbage affront in ordain to be choice for happiness programs (Pavetti et al., 1997).

An resource prudence to implementing the garbage ward cunning on citizens insufficiencying empire’s protection is the formulation and then implementation of close legislations that control garbage use in the empire. As Hora, Schma & Rosenthal (1998) maintenance, the use of the juridical infrastructure where all nation who injure garbage laws are punished undeviatingly by the seek of law is approvely to yield emend results in the battle despite garbage use. The legislations should agree a platform on which nation who procure illicit garbages, those who dispose-of garbages to minors, and those who use garbages inappropriately are positively prosecuted and punished by colossal fines and equable confinement sentences. The federal empire should emend surveillance on garbage affrontrs and production after a interval the juridical plans to fix that all violators of garbage laws are held accountcogent for their actions. Through that, nation accomplish discard from the iljuridical use of garbages, and that accomplish succor in considerable the predominance of garbage affront in the communion.


Pollack, H. A., Danziger, S., Jayakody, R., & Seefeldt, K. S. (2002). Garbage testing happiness recipients—untrue positives, untrue disclaimings, hasty opportunities.Women’s Health Issues,12(1), 23-31.

Fielding, J. E., Long, A. M., Imam, I. J., Tye, G., & Ogawa, P. L. (2002). The garbage seek programs of Los Angeles County: the moderate results.A Journal of the Substance Affront Treatment,23(3), 217-224.

Guthrie, P. M. (1990). The Garbage Test and Welfare: Taking of the Garbage War into Iljuridical Limits.Ind. LJ,66, 579.

Carey, C. A. (1998). Crafting of a canvass to the performance of the garbage testing happiness segregateicipants: the federal happiness correct, and declare solution as one of the most new chapters in the war despite garbages.Buff. L. Rev.,46, 281.

DiNardo, J. (1994). The accurate critique of estimates of the particular absorbs of alcohol and garbage custom. InDrug testing in the productionplace(pp. 57-76). Springer US.

Pavetti, L., Olson, Nightingale, D., Duke, A. E., & Isaacs, J. (1997). Welfare-to-Work Options for Families Facing Separate and Family Challenges: Rationale and Program Strategies.

Hora, P. F., Schma, W. G., & Rosenthal, J. T. (1998). The sanative adjudication, as polite as the garbage texture and seek movement: A Revolutionizing of the solution plan of the guilty normalice to garbage affront, and enormity in the U.S..Notre Dame L. Rev.,74, 439.

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