Functional Requirements of Airline Reservation System

This device deals behind a eraliness the harvest of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) muniment that specifies what an airdirection salvation manage should and should not do. The SRS muniment is separated into five barions designately

System Objectives

This barion catalogues all the goals and objectives of the manage categorized domiciled on the lightpoint of the airdirection union and the customer (passenger). These are nobleer-level goals which are segregateially indelicate in sort. They succor in a top-down harvest of the SRS.

System Context

This barion explicitly depicts the environment and boundaries of the ARS and the entities behind a eraliness which it interacts. It succors us see how the manage fits into the material proposal of things. What the manage earn do by itself and what it expects other entities to do is explicitly delineated.

Functional Requirements

This barion is the size of the muniment and indisputably declares the functions of the manage – what it should do and what it should not. This barion is sunder into subsections modeled behind the authentic earth activities affect reserving tickets, rescheduling tickets etc. Freedom from tortuousness and navigability were kept in inclination eraliness munimentation. A accordant tidingsinology has been flourished throughout and the arrangements are explained in the appendix. The subsections flourish a close succession that exhibits the authentic earth. For sample, a customer cannot rerecord a ticket true he has bought one prior and cannot buy one true he has inhibited its availability.

Non-functional Requirements

These are nature claimments that contract the exploit levels claimd of the manage for sundry barks of activities. Numerical inferior and remarktelling limits set conditions on the retort eras, avenue eras etc of the manage. Sometimes, tradeoffs are inevittelling shapenear sundry non-functional claimments.

Future Requirements

These are the specifications which are not supposing for now in the prevalent declarement of ARS but which could be incorporated into forthcoming declarements. Some of these insufficiency deceased technologies and interfaces behind a eraliness other manages. The ARS could be intentned in forthcoming to improve the material capabilities or add wholly new ones.

The assumptions and limitations of the ARS bear been interspersed in the SRS to grant the corresponding in their own composition.

1. Manage Objectives

1.1 The Airdirection Salvation Manage (ARS) is a software application to back an airdirection behind a eraliness transactions cognate to making ticket salvations, which includes bunging, reserving, abrogateing and rescheduling tickets.

1.2 From the lightpoint of the airdirection –

1.2.1 Minimize repetitive exertion effected by the manage conductor and salvation clerks.

1.2.2 Maintain harmony shapenear incongruous avenue modes, e.g. by phone, by web, at the advice desk and opposing incongruous tangible locations. The users should be basically enslaved through the corresponding trudges by the manage as they go through in usual desk-salvation manages.

1.2.3 Maintain customer advice in contingency of difficulty, e.g. volitation abrogatelation due to severe temperature. The direction can so be used by the airdirection union to vestige user preferences and skip patterns to aid them amend, intent courses, for amend indicationeting and fertile scheduling of volitations.

1.2.4 Maximize the enrichment of the airdirection union by sundry means: Extension awareness shapenear open skipers environing sundry segregateicular offers and discounts. Minimize the estimate of exhausted appoints on a volitation and maximize volitation size utilization. Maintain the aptitude to graft a uncareful pricing plan. The absorb of the tickets should be dynamically arrest domiciled on how advenient, precedently the continuance of non-appearance, the customer buys the ticket.

1.3 A scrutinize conducted by airdirection companies semblances that users of an material salvation manage would reply favorably to an ARS that satisfied or succored them assure the flourishing objectives:

1.3.1 Diminish endeavor and defeat for skipers in scheduling a skip, especially by reducing the pursuit endeavor for the volitation they insufficiency to follow.

1.3.2 Semblance all potential combinations and itineraries advantageous for a couple of derivation-consignment cities.

1.3.3 Diminish congeries in the advice claimd from the customers in manage for them to buy tickets, generate user representations etc.

1.3.4 Inhibit the faculty of input facts and grant a feedback to the user in contingency of hallucinations or sublimation.

1.3.5 Supply uncareful avenue modes to users – internet, telephone, PDA.

1.3.6 Guard customers’ retreat concerns.

1.3.7 Shape it uncareful for skipers to inhibit the ticket foothold or shape qualifys to their skip.

2. Manage Context

2.1 The ARS earn supply the flourishing models of unconcerned-to-use, interactive, and spontaneous graphical and telephonic interfaces.

2.1.1 The ARS earn supply an unconcerned-to-use, spontaneous Graphical User Interface (GUI) as segregate of the Clerk/Administrator’s exertioning desktop environment.

2.1.2 The ARS earn so supply an interactive GUI, on the Earth Wide Web for the open customers.

The aggravate two ARS interfaces shall succor supply the flourishing functionalities to the users – avenue to the ARS to inhibit the volitation record, availability of appoints, ticket absorb and to bung, shyness, abrogate, and rerecord tickets.

The ARS earn so supply an unconcerned-to-use, unadorned telephonic user interface, which can be avenueed by the customers through telephone or cell phone from anywhere. This interface shall supply avenue, solely to the flourishing functionalities, designately, inhibit volitation record and inhibit ticket foothold including any qualify in the volitation timings. The functionality advantageous through this telephonic interface is poor accordingly of warranty constraints.

2.2 The manage and its environment and the interactions among them are depicted in the diagram under.


Flight Record Database


Via Web














ARS software



Via Phone



The barred era aggravate explicitly delineates the manage and the environment. The diagram semblances the interactions among the ARS software and the factsbases insidely the manage. There are three factsbases inside to the manage and which the manage maintains. DB-user is the factsignoble containing all the identical advice of the recorded users of the ARS. This can be updated by the user by logging in to the manage. Advice from this factsignoble is used during transactions affect charging the belief card etc. DB-record is a representation of the volitation record factsbase. The disappearance exists unconnectedly and is updated by a volitation recordr manage which is out of intention of the ARS. DB-record is updated behind a eraliness the hindmost foothold of the volitation record factsignoble whenever there is any qualify in the disappearance. For sample, if a volitation has been pretended to the record among two cities on Tuesdays, DB-record gets updated behind a eraliness this qualify through a regularity behind a eraliness which we are not careful. It is outer to the manage and is out of the intention of this SRS. DB-record so contains the ignoble absorbs of tickets for sundry volitation estimates. DB-reservations are a factsignoble containing advice in-reference-to the estimate of appoints advantageous on each rank on incongruous volitations. It has arrangement for indicationing how frequent of the shynessd appoints bear been bunged but not yet bought. DB-reservations should upcontinuance itself using DB-schedule, for sample, if a new volitation is pretended. DB-geography is a factsbase, which contains advice environing the cities and towns used by the airline. The space among all cities and towns is contained in a matrix devise. There are three interfaces, one for the conductor, one for the customer via web and another for the customer via phone. The conductor can upcontinuance DB-record behind a eraliness any qualifys in the ignoble absorbs of volitation tickets. The manage uses a pricing algorithm and dynamically determines the veritservicepowerful absorb from this ignoble absorb depending on the continuance of salvation vis-à-vis continuance of non-appearance. The customer interfaces (web and phone) emfaculty multiple functions which are vivid in the flourishing barion – barion 3.

3. Functional Requirements

3.1 User Accounts

3.1.1 The wayfarer, who earn henceforth be designated the ‘user’, earn be granted behind a eraliness 3 cherisheds by the salvation manage, as the foremost trudge in the interaction among them. A user can elect one of these and his cherished would be controlled by whether he is a visitor or a recorded user and whether he wants to inhibit the availability of tickets or so bung/buy them. The arrangements ‘registered user’ and ‘guest’ are vivid under. A user who has skiped by the airdirection prior would bear been grantn a user id and a password. He would bear his identical advice stored in the factsignoble appealred to prior in barion 2 as ‘DB-user’. This ‘identical advice’ would be henceforth appealred to as ‘profile’. Such a user behind a eraliness a direction in DB-user shall be designated a ‘registered user’. A recorded user earn be telling to inhibit the availability of tickets as well-behaved-behaved as bung/buy a ticket by logging into the manage. A new user, on the other workman, would either bear to

record himself behind a eraliness the manage by providing identical advice or

log into the manage as a visitor.

In contingency of ‘a’, the new user beseems a recorded user.

In contingency of ‘b’, the new user would sojourn a visitor.

A visitor can solely inhibit the availability of tickets and cannot bung or buy tickets.

But a recorded user can so act as a visitor if he solely wants to inhibit the availability of tickets. ‘Availability of tickets’ frequently appeals to lighting the volitation record for grantn days, the absorb of tickets and any discount offers. The manage shall grant the user behind a eraliness an discretion to debouchure from the manage at any era during the flourishing regularityes.

3.2 Registration and romance of user direction

The manage shall claim a user to record, in manage to propel out any transactions behind a eraliness it bar for inhibiting the availability of tickets. It earn ask the user for the flourishing advice at the conclusive – a user id, a password, foremost designate, conclusive designate, oration, phone estimate, email oration, sex, age, preferred belief card estimate. The manage earn automatically generate a ‘sky miles’ scope and initialize it to nothing in the user’s direction.

3.3 Checking Availability

3.3.1 Behind logging in a user (either a recorded user or a visitor), the manage shall petition him to penetrate the flourishing details – derivation city and consignment city. “City’ is a common tidings and appeals to a city or town as the contingency may be. The derivation and consignment cities would be penetrateed as citation.

The manage shall now appeal to the volitation record factsbase, appealred to as ‘DB-geography’ in barion 2, and inhibit if there is any tortuousness behind a eraliness the designates of the cities. In contingency there are spent than two cities behind a eraliness corresponding designate as penetrateed by the user, the manage shall catalogue all of them (behind a eraliness spent qualifications) and ask the user to fine one of them. In contingency, either the derivation or consignment cities are not catalogueed in DB-geography as entity immediately used by the airline, the manage shall propose the direct city to which use is advantageous, including the space of the consignment city from this direct city.

After the derivation and consignment cities are bounded, the manage shall now avenue the volitation record factsbase, appealred to as ‘DB-schedule’ in barion 2, and inhibits if there is a plain operational use among the two cities. If not, the manage shall propose potential courses and remand points using a ‘course fineion algorithm’. The user shall now be granted behind a eraliness a cherished of either fineing one of the courses. In contingency he fines a course, the manage shall replenish in the interposed bung aggravate points and generate a multiple skip itinerary for the user.

3.3.4 The manage shall now ask the user to penetrate the flourishing details – rank, one-way or complete skip, non-appearance continuance and the estimate of adult wayfarers, children and superior citizens.

‘Class’ appeals to vocation rank/foremost rank/club rank/smoking/non smoking. This cherished shall be made by the user through a distil down menu indicating all the potential combinations of cherisheds.

One-way/complete skip shall be either a distil down menu or a inhibit box fineion. ‘Departure continuance’ appeals to either a uncompounded continuance or a collocate of continuances, penetrateed through a calendar-affect menu. This menu shall not semblance continuances in the spent or those continuances that are too in-advances in the forthcoming(as arrest by the airdirection plan). In contingency, the skip is a complete skip, the manage shall so ask the user to penetrate the non-appearance continuance on the render skip.

Having enslaved all the aggravate input from the user, the manage inhibits for any dishonoroperative entries affect the non-appearance continuance on the render skip entity prior than the non-appearance continuance on the in-advance skip. In contingency of mismeasurement, the manage shall flaunt a suittelling hallucination communication and apt the user to penetrate the advice correctly.

Having enslaved all of the advice as laid out aggravate in 3.3.1 and 3.3.4, the manage shall now avenue the volitation record factsignoble ‘DB-schedule’ and queries it using the input supposing by the user.

The manage queries the salvation factsignoble ‘DB-reservations’ to inhibit which of the volitations on the record bear appoints advantageous. The manage flaunts the conclusions in a suittelling devise (a tabular devise) behind a eraliness the flourishing advice depicted – for each volitation estimate – the volitation estimate, non-appearance era in derivation city, air era in consignment city, the space of the volitation (initiative into representation the possibility of a qualify of era zone) and the estimate of appoints advantageous on that volitation.

There can be sundry volitations among two cities and all of them earn be catalogueed for the segregateicular continuance that the user wants to desegregate from the Derivation City. In contingency, the user has penetrateed a collocate of continuances, the manage shall flaunt all the volitations for all those continuances in the collocate.

If the user has petitioned a complete skip, the manage shall flaunt two considerations – one for the in-advance skip and one for the render skip. There earn be a inhibit box in front of each direction in the ttelling representing a volitation behind a eraliness advantageous appoints.

The user is now asked to inhibit one of the boxes thought a cherished of a volitation estimate and era. In contingency of a complete skip, the user is asked to inhibit one box each in the two considerations.

The manage shall now flaunt the absorb of the ticket for the skip. This earn be the sum of the absorbs for all the members of the skip segregatey entity represented by the user.

The manage shall so catalogue any rules in-reference-to the abrogatelation of tickets – what percentage of the absorb earn be returned behind a eralinessin what continuance collocates. This earn be flaunted as a consideration.

Making Reservations/Blocking/Confirmation

3.4.1 Behind having enslaved the user through the trudge 3.3, Checking Availability, The manage earn now ask the user if he wishes to bung/buy the ticket. If yes, and

if the user has been a visitor, he earn bear to foremost record and beseem a recorded user and then log onto the manage.

If the user is already a recorded user, and if he has logged on already, he can bung/buy the ticket, but if he has been acting as a visitor, he earn bear to log on.

Having ensured that the user is logged on powerfully according to 3.4.1, the manage compares the non-appearance continuance behind a eraliness the manage continuance. If the non-appearance continuance falls behind a eralinessin 2 weeks of the manage continuance, the manage informs the user that he has no discretion to bung the ticket and asks him if he would affect to buy it.

If the dissent among the non-appearance continuance and manage continuance is spent than 2 weeks, the manage asks the user if he would affect to bung or buy the ticket. The manage informs the user that he can bung the ticket at no absorb now. It so informs him that if he elects to bung the ticket, he should shape a definite determination precedently 2 weeks of the non-appearance continuance. The manage shall bestow an email to the user, 3 weeks precedently the non-appearance continuance as a reminder, in contingency he decides to bung the ticket now.

Having enslaved the input from the user in 3.4.2, the manage shall now avail to upcontinuance the salvation factsignoble DB-reservation. It earn adulteration the estimate of advantageous appoints on the segregateicular volitation for the segregateicular rank by the estimate of skipers entity represented by the user.

In contingency of a bunging, the manage shapes a melody of it in the factsignoble – to be used if the user doesn’t adapt up precedently 2 weeks of the non-appearance continuance. It generates a bunging estimate and flaunts it for the user to melody down.

In contingency the user buys the ticket, the manage avenuees his direction and mandible the absorb of the ticket to his belief card estimate. It contemporaneously generates a assent estimate and flaunts it to the user for him to melody down. The ticket has been shynessd.

It adds the mileage of the skip (accounting for the estimate of skipers) to the skymiles in his direction.

3.5 Ratify Ticket

3.5.1 A user who has prior bunged a ticket behind going through the trudges 3.2 through 3.4, is claimd to either ratify the ticket precedently two weeks of the non-appearance continuance or the ticket stands abrogateled.

To let the user ratify a ticket, the manage shall foremost log him on and ask for his bunging estimate. Then it avenuees DB-salvation and removes the inhibit indication, which so far represented a bunged appoint. The appoint is now ratifyed and shynessd for the user.

The manage avenuees DB-user and mandible the absorb of the ticket to the belief card estimate of the user. It contemporaneously generates a assent estimate and flaunts it for the user to melody down. The ticket has been shynessd.

It adds the mileage of the skip (accounting for the estimate of skipers) to the skymiles in his direction.

3.6 Rerecord Ticket

The manage shall grant the user behind a eraliness an discretion to re-record his skip segregatey’s skip. In manage to do this, the manage foremost logs on the user and petitions his assent estimate. It earn not sanction a user to rerecord a bunged ticket but solely a ratifyed ticket. Using this, it queries DB-salvation and grants the details of the skip to the user, including but not poor to derivation city, consignment city, continuance of non-appearance and continuance of air (in contingency the skip is a complete skip).

The manage shall now ask the user to fine new continuances from the calendar-menu. It now goes through trudge 3.3.

In contingency, there are no advantageous tickets for the continuances penetrateed, it flaunts a suittelling communication informing him that rescheduling to that continuance is not potential.

In contingency there are tickets advantageous, the manage asks the user to fine the volitation estimate for the skip (another for the render skip if the skip is a complete skip) and avails to upcontinuance the factsbase.

The manage avenuees DB-salvation and adulterations the estimate of advantageous appoints on the volitation(s) by the estimate of members in the user’s skip segregatey. It then increments the memorandum for the foregoing volitation by the corresponding estimate to exhibit an extension in the advantageous appoints on it as a conclusion of the rescheduling.

The manage now inhibits if there is any dissent in the absorbs of the tickets. If so, it avenuees DB-user and mandible or beliefs the belief card as the contingency may be. The manage generates a new assent estimate and flaunts it to the user.

3.7 Cancellation

The manage shall so grant the user an discretion to abrogate a ratifyed ticket or a bunged ticket.

The disappearance contingency is unadornedr and earn be dealt behind a eraliness foremost – the manage shall foremost log on the user and petition the bunging estimate. Then it avenuees DB-salvation and updates it by incrementing the estimate of advantageous appoints by the estimate of inhabitants in the user’s skip segregatey.

In the deviseer contingency, i.e., for a ratifyed ticket, it asks for the assent estimate and avenuees DB-salvation and grants the details of the skip as in trudge 3.6.1.

It then catalogues the applictelling rules for abrogatelation of tickets and depending on the manage continuance and the non-appearance continuance, it flaunts the % of the total that would be returned if the user abrogates the ticket.

After the user abrogates the ticket, the manage generates a abrogatelation estimate and flaunts it for the user to melody down. It avenuees DB-salvation and updates it by incrementing the estimate of advantageous appoints on that volitation by the estimate of skipers in the user’s segregatey. It avenuees DB-user and beliefs the return total to his belief card estimate. The manage then deducts the mileage of the skip (initiative into representation the estimate of skipers in his segregatey) from the sky miles in his direction.

3.8 Upcontinuance Profile

The manage shall emfaculty the user to upcontinuance his direction at any era. Changes can be made in scopes including but not poor to oration, phone estimate and preferred belief card estimate.

3.9 Light Ticket Status

The manage shall sanction a user to light all advice environing his skip. Behind logging him on, it asks for his bunging estimate or his assent estimate. It avenuees DB-salvation and retrieves the details of the skip and grants them to the user in a fitted deviseat, including any conclusive microscopic qualifys to the volitation timings etc. Such qualifys earn be noblelighted.

3.10 Inquiry Volitation Details

The manage shall sanction any user (registered or non recorded) to avenue the details environing the air and non-appearance eras of a volitation by petitioning the user to input the volitation estimate and continuance. The manage avenuees DB-record and grants the era of air and non-appearance.

Telephone avenue

The manage shall be avenueible through a touch-tone telephone. The telephonic interface shall, at the conclusive, supply the customer behind a eraliness the adroitness to inhibit availability of tickets and inquiry volitation details. The manage shall plod the customer accurately through trudges 3.3 and 3.9 respectively but through a telephonic interface.

Non-functional Requirements

4.1 Performance

4.1.1 Retort era of the Airdirection Salvation Manage should be near than 2 promote most of the era. Retort era appeals to the solicitude era eraliness the manage avenuees, queries and retrieves the advice from the factsbases (DB-user, DB-record etc) (A persomal representation of volitation record factsignoble is maintained as DB-record to diminish this avenue era)

ARS shall be telling to workmanle at conclusive 1000 transactions/inquiries per promote.

ARS shall semblance no apparent reward in retort era as the estimate of users or volitation record facts extensions

4.2 Reliability

ARS shall be advantageous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ARS shall frequently supply authentic era advice environing volitation availability advice.

ARS shall be hearty sufficient to bear a noble amount of misdeed tolerance. For sample, if the user penetrates a disclaiming estimate of wayfarers or a estimate too big, the manage should not clash and shall authenticate the sick input and consequence a suittelling hallucination communication.

4.2.4 ARS shall be telling to recaggravate from hardware failures, faculty failures and other regular catastrophes and rollback the factsbases to their most late powerful declare.

4.3 Usability

ARS shall supply a unconcerned-to-use graphical interface congruous to other material salvation manage so that the users do not bear to imbibe a new mode of interaction.

4.3.2 The web interface should be spontaneous and largely navigtelling Users should be telling to conceive the menu and discretions supposing by ARS.

4.3.3 Any notice or hallucination communications generated by ARS shall be serene, brief, complaisant and easy of patois.


4.4.1 Solely manage manage has the direct to qualify manage parameters, such as pricing plan etc. The manage should be arrest and must use encryption to guard the factsbases.

4.4.2 Users insufficiency to be identified precedently having avenue to any identical facts.

4.5 Interoperability

ARS shall minimize the endeavor claimd to couple it to another manage, such as volitation record factsignoble manage.

5 Forthcoming Requirements

5.1 Living for solicitude catalogue functionality

5.1.1. ARS shall be made spent uncareful in ticket salvation workmanling, and shall confirm solicitude catalogue for salvation.

5.1.2 The solicitude catalogue workmanling aptitude of ARS shall be made spent deceased, by enabling it to bestow petitions to the Volitation Scheduler to record extra volitations, depending on the call-for in a segregateicular corridor, and providing the abide catalogueed wayfarers behind a eraliness a new volitation.

5.2 The telephonic interface of the ARS shall be improved to living spent functionality affect sanctioning the customers to abrogate a ticket etc., by incorporating warranty measures.

5.3 ARS shall be made spent dynamic and succorful to the users by enabling it to bestow flash communications to the wayfarers, of a abrogateled or rescheduled volitation, through email, phone, fax etc., informing them environing the qualify, and providing them behind a eraliness other manageable alternatives.

5.4 Advice environing the bark of meals aidd in a volitation and the model of penetratetainment offered on a volitation should be incorporated into the manage.

Provide use integration behind a eraliness auto rental agencies and tavern chains.

Interface for the skip agents shall be supposing in the forthcoming declarements behind a eraliness concomitant features affect informing them of any availability of appoints on a volitation which was prior booked to size.

Choices affect aisle or window appoints shall be supposing to the users.

The ARS shall be telling to workmanle the standing where volitation uses are advantageous to multiple airports in a uncompounded city.

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