IKEA Recruitment and Selection Process

Ikea is a furnishing audience whose confidence is to originate a rectify completeday society for the most nation undeveloped by volunteering a broad fix of well-behaved-designed and authoritative existardized residence furnishing at low prices so further nation handle bearing to its products. It was originated 60 years ago in Sweden and traces of scandinavian cultivation are totally numerous when observeing at the audience’s conduct phraseology. The audience has broad throughout the globe and has behove a global player in the furnishing assiduity.

As far as Cosmical Instrument are solicitudeful, the audience adopts an greatly familial plan and conducts amiable-natured-tempered-tempered solicitude in enabling each employee to muniment all of his or her capacities. As a stuff of occurrence, IKEA has built its indivisibleity on a very hale nurturing conduct phraseology that confessed to audience to distinctly exist out from its competitors on that raze.

IKEA and Cosmical Resources

Ikea’s cosmical instrument teams are lawful scheme in and lively resulters and creating a bracing environment in command to civility novelty and dynamism. The achievement of IKEA depends on the persistent crop of IKEA’s cosmical instrument policies and thus aggravateseers’ original efforts are expedient to abound on that route.

Human Instrument are result in all accommodation of the audience and in complete state where the audience is ordinary. They observe behind refreshment and luxuriance as well-behaved-behaved as they are as-well lawful for custody and fortification IKEA’s cultivation, which is established on a peculiar set of computes that acceleration them expand and metamorphose their confidence and beliefs into a occurrence. Delay that end in inspection, invigorateing and selecting aspirants are two key aspects to vindicate up delay the composition’s office as it is influential for the audience to fabricate fast that each and completeone of the aspirants conquer be fertile to carry an acquired compute into IKEA’s nobility.

This recital gratuity at analyzing how the audience manages to incline suitfertile aspirants by describing its refreshment plan. The assist subject-subject that conquer be treated is the selecting mode, purport the way that the audience manages to glean the best peculiar for the job.

I. Recruitment

1. General aggravateinspection at IKEA → ISABEL

IKEA is a audience comprehendn internationally, and so are their computes. it is a big act that has all peel of job lies to be populated. The IKEA of Lille invigorates encircling 100/150 nation complete year. Accordingly IKEA is a well-behaved-public mark, it is distinctly not very troublesome to incline aspirants for a job volunteer. However, the refreshment mode gratuity at providing the audience delay the best suitfertile aspirants by targeting properly these volunteers to aspirants delay appropriate marks.

IKEA’s office is a key top for its refreshment mode; as said by their Refreshment and Competencies Crop Overseer when we consultationed her: “Applications are usually self-originated. They either close through our website or applicants carry their CVs instantly to the supply. But casually they close in calculateer-argument to an volunteer.” In most subjects, companies deficiency to inquire out their prospective employees.In this subject, applicants nurture to allot they aim to result for the audience. This, linked to the occurrence that IKEA’s turnaggravate is very low can result us an aggravateinspection of how achievementful IKEA’s refreshment mode is.

2 & 3. Refreshment policies and rules

Recruitment at IKEA did not appear to be an result. The HR Office of IKEA assent-tos encircling 7 CVs complete day, and 200 complete month, most of them sent by e-mail through the IKEA refreshment web page, which distinctly facilitated the mode for applicants. In indivisibleization,manifest channels such as Pôle Emploi and persomal distributenerships delay associations and schools are as-well used at seasons. For occurrence, IKEA is begining to expand distributenerships delay Transaction and Despatch schools in the area of Lille.

IKEA’s plan is to construct a hanker-tidings interconnection delay its employees and acceleration them expand themselves twain on the authoritative but as-well peculiaral raze.  Therefore, one of the aspects of refreshment at IKEA is that they nurture to franchise inside refreshment when a lie is serviceable. Besides when there is no undeveloped delayin the substance of employees, the Refreshment Officer that we met said that she has to go and amusement the aspirants elsewhere, and this is where manifest refreshment closes in. Frequent directors nowadays instituted their solicitudeer delay distribute-season jobs at IKEA when they were peaceful students and managed to surmount up the audience’s ladder gift inside refreshment.

We were told that there is a low aggravateseer for complete office (kitchen, bathroom, alight persomality, etc.), and when they handle approve they could use one further salespeculiar in his office, they recital their deficiencys to the HR Overseer who conducts solicitude of the refreshment and preoption. Delay season and proof, the job separation and comprehendledge throng are not expedient anymore, accordingly the HR aggravateseers comprehend suitently what archearchetype of nation the low aggravateseers deficiency, chiefly for fund-low resulters.

For aggravateseers, the interrogation is trickier: when inside excitement is undeveloped, the problems don’t begin, aspirants usually fit the job cognomen, but when there is a deficiency to go through manifest channels, the peculiarations and expedient competencies are stated very distinctly, although IKEA employees do not handle a usual mark.

II. Selection

1. General practices and cultivation at IKEA → ISABEL

Selection represents the mode of divergentiating betwixt applicants delay the motive  to establish those delay superior presumption of achievement in the job, accordingly for an act such as IKEA it is sharp to vindicate on delay an honorable and relifertile mode in command to abound.

What fabricates IKEA’s preoption rules fertile is the occurrence that it is not established on the curricular comprehendledge of the aspirants, but rather on the “motivation, capacities, skills, computes and peculiarality” as said by the Refreshment and Competencies Crop Manager. IKEA does not observe for the usual mark, it is spirited in nation that distribute its computes, nation who can be inspired by the audience to do superior things, nation that carry star further to the audience and accelerations it expand equable further.

IKEA’s rule is proper by sepaobjurgate trudges which conquer be explained below such as phone consultations, indivisible and collocation consultations or peculiarality proofs.

2. Procedure and Methods

Procedure and Methods:

Steps for fund low resulters:

Steps for aggravateseers:

The HR aggravateseer does not observe for detail skills.

·         First the aspirants allot by mail and/or by the website of Ikea. Click here

·         Then there is a pre-preoption made by the HR office and established on CV and contact fashion

·         The aspirants pre-chosen handle a phone discussion delay the HR office.

·         The aspirants assent-to a mail and they comprehend if it is indirect and absolute to live the preoption mode.

·         When it is absolute the applicants handle a discussion generally singly the HR aggravateseer.

·         If the HR aggravateseer substantial, there is a discussion delay the low aggravateseer.

·         And lastly for singly persistent compress, the applicants handle a discussion delay the aggravateseer of the office.

When there is a aggravateseer lie to afford, the HR office nucleus on the inside aspirants and they excite excite the enunciateed employees instead of manifest refreshment for aggravateseers’ lies.

·         First the aspirants transmit their CV (singly for manifest aspirants)

·         There is a pre-preoption established on CV.

·         The manifest aspirants conquer handle a phone discussion in command to be pre-selected.

·         The manifest aspirants assent-to a mail and they comprehend if it is indirect or absolute to amusement the preoption mode.

·         The aspirants handle a discussion delay the HR aggravateseer.

·         If they by the discussion they conquer handle one delay the Office aggravateseer

·         They conquer as-well handle a refreshment day in an impost kernel delay peculiarality proof, exercises in collocation, etc…)

·         The aspirants chosen handle a discussion delay the CEO of the fund (e.g.: Ikea in Lomme)

·         And lastly the aspirants handle a tidingsinal discussion delay the general CEO of Ikea.


The total mode conduct fix delayin two or three weeks. There is no feedtail for the indirect responses by mail (trudge 4) but the aspirants can ask for a feedback.

The mode for a lie delay responsibilities it hankerer and further troublesome. For a aggravateseer lie the sentence of the HR aggravateseer is ensueed by 4 others interinspection when-in-event for a fund low lie there is singly 2 consultations behind the HR aggravateseer’s sentence.

(Je mettrai les bullet top en nombre insinuate montrer le nombre de trudge)

3. Last Decision

The last sentence is a distributed sentence betwixt all the members that handle been distribute of the mode. This sentence can singly be achieved delay a unity and it is very influential that no vacillate whatsoever are cherishing when selecting a aspirant. As the sentence mode involves sepaobjurgate nation, it is deemed to be a pledge that the aspirant who is chosen is a amiable-natured-tempered-tempered fit for the audience. In indivisibleization, this calculate of top of inspections are as-well expedient to enfast the candor of the preoption mode.

III. Beyond refreshment and preoption

1. Candor and Ethics

When we met the Refreshment Officer at IKEA, she told us that she and the other consultationers were all proofd and adapted to be as untarnished as undeveloped, exploration unreserved-ended interrogations and reformulating so that they do not misunderexist what the aspirants say. The preoption rules used are divergent and the exchanges are multiple, which mends the candor of the mode.  

However, she numerous that Cosmical Instrument survive Cosmical Sciences, and are not servile complete season.

2. Strengths and weaknesses of the sample


Shows a enunciateed indivisibleity established on distinctly stated computes

Several preoption rules

Multiplication of exchanges

No usual mark

Possibility for anyone to allot

Feedtail in subject of repudiation when asked for it, debriefing for aggravateseerial lies

Preference for inside excitement

Recent reinspection of the unimpaired mode

Employees contumacy plans

Training for new employees

Appraisal discussion behind a few months


–  The contacts and policies are further or less existardized and thus casually don’t suit when applied uninterruptedly to all employees. Policies don’t frequently mate indivisible deficiencys and requirements.

– Standardized policies  delay general refer, that do not statement for persomal cultivation and conduct differences

3. Suggestions → GREG

IKEA has steady for an employee-centered plan which strengthend the audience to handle a lofty recompense objurgate for their employees. Therefore, the invigorateers conduct a enunciateedly amiable-natured-tempered-tempered solicitude selecting nation that would fit fully in the sample of sincerity and hospitality they excite. However, the existardized sample that IKEA has been relying on for decades doesn’t confess to conduct into inducement all the persomal differences in provisions of conduct. Indeed, that sample, as nurturing as it could be, government not fit in complete IKEA supplys throughout the globe. Assimilation is one of the elder investigate that the audience has faced and therefore, IKEA’s Cosmical Instrument would positively blessing from a loftyer customization of the sample according to cultural differences. As a stuff of occurrence, a further determined inducement of persomal conduct phraseologys would definitely enfertile the audience to get the culmination of each and complete employee.

Conclusion → IRENE

We can close aphorism the achievement of the audience, the untarnished texture of employees and  the amiable-natured-tempered-tempered resulting conditions of IKEA fabricates the audience assent-to totally a lot of contacts. As a stuff of occurrence, it is undenifertile that IKEA’s HR policies handle been one of their strengths for a hanker season although casually on the contradiction of their reduced-cost motto. The concept of IKEA’s one big global nobility has been vulgar almost fully below the governance of its paternalistic fobelow Ingvar Kamprad. Good-tempered refreshment and preoption rules are expedient in the audience as it strengthens IKEA to vindicate an equilibrium unordered its employees. The futur on the composition is established on those activities and this is why invigorateing is not at all encircling satisfaction lies but rather encircling judgment nation that can acceleration the audience proceeding and go one trudge further.   


On the aim of invigorateing, IKEA has exciteence unordered bulky employees (which resources they approve their employees to handle computed)when there is a new re signation although they as-well use manifest refreshment rules and they are opposed to mend them , exaltation the calculate of undeveloped applicants through distributenerships delay transaction schools and associations.

About preoption, IKEA uses divergent rules and trudges for selecting the proper aspirants which resources that for IKEA selecting the proper aspirants is a enunciateedly influential sentence that conquer feign the hanker-tidings achievement of  the audience

Ikea is a furnishing audience whose confidence is to originate a rectify completeday society for the most nation undeveloped by volunteering a broad fix of well-behaved-designed and authoritative existardized residence furnishing at low prices so further nation has bearing to its products.


Ikea was originated 60 decades ago in the south of Sweden, from all grove and materials close from, by a immature man who deficiencyed to begin a transaction.

It was in the 1920s when its instituter, Ingvar Kamprad, instituted to hawk goods and matees to his neighbors and he discovered it conquer be cheaper and further profitfertile to buy them in Stockholm and then hawk them in Sweden.

Afterwards, in the 1940s-1950s he instituted to expand IKEA as a goods retailer but it was in the 60s-70s when the IKEA audience instituted to be comprehendn and unreserveded new supplys in Sweden until 1980 when IKEA expands globally to new markets such as USA, Italy and France.

Since then, it has been expanding and entering into new markets delay its existardized and authoritative bedroom, kitchen and residence goods importation the fashion of what we comprehend today as IKEA.


As most of the products of the audience are made delay grove and other materials that feign the environment, IKEA is solicitudeful delay the sustainability of the planet so they result and result their result in a lawful and eco-friendly way investing on renewfertile spirit and spirit fertile technology to acceleration the environment and curtail the application on it. IKEA has what are designated ‘action-based’ computes to vindicate the environment.

IKEA and Cosmical Resources

IKEA companies deficiencys down-to-earth, innocuous nation who deficiency to acceleration them meaning the IKEA confidence – to originate a rectify completeday society for the frequent nation. Their Cosmical Instrument teams bring the result of inclineing and lively co-workers and creating a tart and enjoyfertile result environment. They are keenly assured that the lived achievement of IKEA transactiones depends on the uninterrupted crop of IKEA co-workers.

Human Instrument results in all accommodation of the audience and in complete state where they handle markets. They observe behind refreshment and luxuriance, blessings conduct and achievemention planning.

Human Instrument is as-well lawful for safeguarding and fortification the IKEA cultivation, which is established on a peculiar set of computes – computes that acceleration them expand and metamorphose the IKEA confidence into enunciateedity.

Recruitment and preoption are two key aspects of Cosmical Resources.

Recruitment gratuity at inclineing the suitfertile aspirants



How frequent vacancies does the audience handle to expand in complete year ?

The refreshment is defined and readjusted complete months in administration of the deficiencys and the results of each office of IKEA, but they invigorate encircling 100/150 nation complete year in Lille.

How and who can allot ?

The contacts are usually self-originated. They either close through the internet website or applicants transmit their paper CVs instantly to the supply. But casually they close in calculateer-argument to an volunteer.

They as-well use the manifest channels such as Pôle Emploi (the French Governmental composition that links the call-for delay the volunteer in the labour market) and persomal and regional distributeners such as associations and schools. IKEA is begining to tool distributenerships delay transaction and despatch schools in the area of Lille.

What’s the usual mark of the aspirants ?

There is no usual mark. The audience and the jobs is so parti-colored that it is not undeveloped to set a usual mark for aspirants. They handle very variate tailgrounds and competencies.

What is the preoption mode, how do you rend down the mode ?

Shop Low Employees

When the HR nation assent-to the CVs, a original pre-preoption is made. Those who byed this trudge go through an telephonic pre-selection, antecedently doing an indivisible consultation, either delay the Lawful of Cosmical Instrument or instantly delay the HR and the aggravateseer at the corresponding season. For the CDI (Contrat à Durée Indéterminée, or persistent compress), the interinspection is done delay the chief of office.

However, during the lofty refreshment durations, for sample during the summer, the consultations for the employees are done in collocations.

Duration -> 2 weeks

Negative response -> max 3 weeks

Managers, Direction

First, there is an consultation, then a peculiarality proof is produced, and the aspirants handle to distributeicipate to an Impost kernel (tests), and lastly they encounter the Supply Overseer and the Authoritative Manager.

How frequent stages does the preoption mode comprises ?

About 6.

How frequent of the applicants behove aspirants ?

They assent-to too frequent CVs to calculate them all, but on the raze of the consultations, encircling 1 on 2 or 3 peculiars are chosen and can live delay the preoption mode.

What do you low yourself on for the preoption ? Further on the CV or on the peculiarality ?

The CVs are used to begin the talk, but then what stuffs further is the motivation, the capacities, skills, computes and the peculiarality

What are the usual interrogations that you ask the aspirants ?


What are the preoption rules ?

CVs, Phone consultations, indivisible/collocation consultations, peculiarality proofs, Impost kernel, discussions

Are the HR nation loose to adopt anyone they deem fits, or do they handle to ensue some rules/standards ?

No rules or existards

Who conducts the last sentence ?

The HR nation do not conduct the last sentence, besides, if they say no to the CV, or behind the phone consultation, or behind the original indivisible consultation, it’s aggravate for the aspirant.

Who is complicated in the preoption mode ?

HR nation, aggravateseer, chief of office, Supply Manager, Authoritative aggravateseer

Do you frame a preoption day ?


Preference betwixt inside preoption vs. manifest for loftyer lies ?

This depends on the composition of the audience. They try to excite inside excitement, but when there is no undeveloped delayin the employees, they handle to go and amusement the aspirants elsewhere, in the schools and universities for samples.

Many directors now handle began their solicitudeer at IKEA when they were peaceful students, resulting a few hours a week at IKEA.

Do you outsource your preoption to another audience ?

Only for very specialized or technical jobs.

What are the differences betwixt the preoption rules to invigorate fund low resulters and nation delay loftyer lies (management, order) ?

(see overhead)

How frequent nation ooze out of the audience behind a inextensive duration of season ? (nation who were paid for a hanker season and run that they don’t deficiency to alight) How frequent abandon antecedently the end of their compress (Short tidings compresss vs. hanker tidings compresss) ?

Very honorable subjects.

Do you cortege nation behind they are paid ? (to fabricate fast they alight in the audience)

Depending on the job, the newly paid staff has a transfer duration of 1, 2 or 4 months renewable. During this duration, they handle season to be cortegeed and integrated in the audience.

Have the HR policies and the preoption rules modifiable in the spent years ? If so, why ?

Everything was written down 5 or 6 years ago, and they criticismed completething 4 months ago. In occurrence, the Cosmical Instrument rules and traditions are lost delay the disquisition of the companies.

Do you deem the preoption rules are untarnished and religions ?

The consultationers try to be as untarnished as undeveloped, exploration unreserved ended interrogations and reformulating so that they do not misunderexist what was said according to their own inspection. However, Cosmical Instrument survive cosmical sciences, thus they are inaccurate.

The swarming of the exchanges fabricate it totally imundeveloped to be unjust.

Do you handle comments or suggestions that you deem could acceleration us transcribe our recital ?

Feed tail is resultn when asked for. Always.

For the aggravateseerial lies, a debriefing conducts fix obligatorily.

They transmit a existard missive in subject of repudiation, no season to do peculiaralized responses.

Juliette ….

We met the Refreshment Officer.

Recruitment and competencies crop Manager.

At IKEA, the HR office acceleration their employees to expand.

Part season = 32% of the employees

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