Main Market Segments In Egyptian Market


Paul founded 120 years ago and is a trade guide in France delay past than 360 persomal branches and has unfurl aggravate 20 countries worldwide. It’s a privy sector concourse operated inferior HOLDER knot which its 3 callinges are repast-making, pastry and restaurants.

Paul’s polite unconcealed athwart its borders, and Egypt is one of its targeted countries as its aid unraveling, nowadays.

Through our repeated visits to diversified spots in incongruous cities in Egypt, we noticed how vivacity diction is unraveling encouragingly; we had to be sure environing how litelling our proposed sales would be in this trade. Accordingly we had assigned a tradeing elaboration to an interdiplomatic tradeing elaboration concourse ” TNS Global ” which had been for decades bestow in Egypt. By this we could determine past obsequious estimated results delay consummate gauges.

TNS Global has supposing us delay the original columnulates through statistical elaboration. We agreed upon that to flourish the tradeing elaboration through the flourishing steps.

a) Defining Problem and elaboration external. Our deep answerance is to determine the feasibility of penetrateing the Egyptian trade, and powerful which instrument.

b) Developing the elaboration intent. We needed to nucleus on adults and students as a original target, athletes and hearty crowd as induced target & conclusion and seniors as tertiary target, delayout neglecting calling targets as polite. The elaboration needed to caggravate the flourishing notice:

– The demographic, economic and vivacitydiction definitiveion of these segments.

– Deep trade segments in Egyptian trade

– Perceived expense for our issues by Egyptian consumer

– Adequate trade initiation

– Prefertelling sales approach

– Acceptance of the Egyptians for French issues

-Egyptian consumer bearing and buying rhythm

– Adequate issue features (size-packaging-colors-labeling)

– Competitors (local-international)

– Legal and political environment in Egypt

– Raw materials-labor absorb and other issueion absorb if we weigh supple persomally

– Siege rules in Egypt online retail columnulatesbases, we emphasize the original columnulates through our elaboration to pledge its vehemence and external conformance.

– Our original columnulates garner conquer use examine elaboration approach

c) Sampling intent. Random specimen questionnaire is used to ask crowd, on our issue and on the purpose itself and how they rebound to it and how considertelling agreetelling for them it would be and such open-ended questions. To put hands on required notice for elaboration external.

d) Implementing the elaboration intent. TNS Global had delight us delay implantation that includes collecting, processing, analyzing the notice.

e) Interpreting and reporting the findings. Conclusions were sent to us in a lustrous shape that systematic our purpose environing the viforce and siege of our issue in the Egyptian trade.

Part B

Executive summary

Paul is preparing to engreat one of its branches in Egypt, which is one of the big unraveling trades. Through straightforward siege to secure our coerce aggravate the Egyptian trade.

Despite the closeness of bakeries other adversarys, we can cope consequently our oblation combines twain eminent bringing virtue and adequate trade expense. We are targeting proper segments in the consumers flatten, giveation usage of eminent virtue baked result, and bringing influences and desserts.

The original tradeing external of this elaboration is to earn primitive year Egyptian trade divide of 20 %. This original financial external is to consummate primitive year sales wealth of 20 darling EGP, conjuncture deeptenance mislayinges to hither than 6 darling EGP.

Currupture Trade Situation

Paul founded 120 years ago and is a trade guide in France delay past than 360 persomal branches and enjoy unfurl aggravate 20 countries worldbulky , and is environing to penetrate the Egyptian trade straightforwardly . The insist of the Egyptians to cafes delay baked result is increasing fast which bring to extension in competitive influence. Thus dependence on eminent virtue and a paltry aggravate expense according to other adversarys conquer be compulsory to thrust trade divide in this environment. Paul must carefully target unfair trade segments.

Market Description

Paul trade consists of consumers of all ages from adolescent conclusion up to seniors which could be sinewy , hearty or influence admiring , who needs a fleet extract and go or a brief subdue in systematic daily foundation . In the primitive year we conquer nucleus on unfair segments. Ttelling A1 illustrates how Paul screens the needs of targeted consumers

Product Review

Paul presents diversified eminent virtue gauge issues indoor where customers can enjoy force to add via the Internet conjuncture enjoying ease or discourse or receiveaway:

7 Plates properly for subduefast

6 Varieties of plates for a fleet lunch

24 Incongruous sandwiches delay the multiformity of 7 incongruous repasts

10 Types of pies & pizzas

15 Salads

8 August fashiontelling repast

10 Pleasure repast

8 Light and hearty repast

4 Proper meals for sinewy and Hearty crowd

11 Incongruous types of cakes and desserts

5 Type of ice creams

9 Viennoiseries and lovely pastries

6 Options of Crepe

36 Fresh juice , Hot and unimpassioned imbibes

7 Receive detached boxes of 12 mini proper desserts of one’s choice

Ttelling A1:

Target Segments

Customer Need

Corresponding Benefit







Ice creams


Quick extract and go precedently classes

Small snacks on way end abode or betwixt courses



Hot and unimpassioned imbibes



A paltry gathering betwixt ammunitionping, result or hangouts

A fleet imbibe on diligent days

Breakfast or lunch plates

Fresh juice or other imbibes


Pies and pizzas


Buy result for abode or family

One of the 22 Bread

A box of mini desserts

Athletic and Healthy

Healthy low fat influence

Food to fit in their daily viands

A snatch precedently or behind resultout

One of 8 types of the hearty repasts delay minerals and vitamins

The uncommon garner of the hearty sandwiches

One of the meals for sinewy crowd depending on their zeal and their daily need

First year sales avails are expected to be 20 darling EGP inveterate on sales of Paul’s baked result. During the relieve year we order to inaugurate Paul’s restaurant which conquer supply the flourishing:


Side dishes

Side sauce

Big deep dishes for Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

More menu multiformity from each order of the preceding supposing issues

Competitive Review

Increased initiation of cafes and bakeries has influenced adversarys to uninterruptedly let expenses down and add past issues full day.

Competitors include:


Costa coffee

On the run

The bakery

Starbucks: Is an interdiplomatic coffee ammunition from 30 years ago, oblation hot and unimpassioned imbibes, some desserts and very few sandwiches.

Costa café: is a 28 years old coffee ammunition which is interdiplomaticly boundical, that presents few sandwiches, salads and desserts. But of-late is facing financial struggles due to the extension of adversarys and life not telling to supply a bigger multiformity of issues.

On the run : is the biggest adversary as its bulkyly disgraceed through closely 9000 garners worldbulky , and one of the bringing garners persomally .It retails desserts , sandwiches, hot and unimpassioned imbibes , salads , very few pizza.

The bakery : is one of the differupture ammunitions which is weighed to be a café and a bakery that retails some repast , sandwiches , few desserts , hot and unimpassioned imbibes

Despite this hale emulation, Paul can construct out a definitive effigy and win avowal betwixt these adversarys and targeted segments. Our Uncommon way of baking repast is definitive and doesn’t reocean anywhere else , adding Paul’s great multiformity of issues which enjoy French endground constructs it uncommon in the persomal trade , and never inwatchfulness 120 years experiment.

Distribution re-examination

Paul’s issues conquer be sold through Paul’s garners and to-boot through other garners in top 20 Egyptian trades. Among the most great portioners that conquer succor us multiply that already has been contacted are:

Super Markets. Metro trade & Alfa trade. Conquer remit Paul to bestow its issue in their garner.

Local bakeries. The baker, Repast basket. Conquer buy from Paul its uncommon repast multiformity to present in their garner.

School and University. American University Cairo , German School Cairo , British Interdiplomatic School Cairo, German University Cairo & French University Egypt , Le Collège de la Mere de Dieu . Enjoy agreed to give-up most of our sandwiches, desserts and beverages in their Cafeteria.

Fitness centers and wantonness clubs. World gym, Golds gym and Platinum gym, conquer retail our hearty sandwiches and sinewy’s meals.

SWOT Analysis


Variety. Our customer has a bulky dispose of varieties through which they can study and try and not getting used to badepend one issue.

Price. Our issues are in an affordtelling competing expense according to the supposing virtue.

Quality. Paul signed delay the Ministry of Health’s Terms of optional commitments nutritional movement inferior the Programme Exoteric Nutrition Santé on all its issues. Paul becomes the primitive disgrace of bakery and catering to earn this avowal.

Reputation. Paul has consummated an esteemed kind throughout the years.

Unique. Paul supplys multifarious uncommon issues in the Egyptian trade which can remit it to enjoy a definitive effigy betwixt adversarys which would succor it to enjoy the targeted trade divide.


Brand Awareness. As a rouse up, Paul didn’t yet institute an effigy or disgrace indicate in the persomal trade. Whereas “On the Run “and other adversarys enjoy a hale effigy and exoteric disgrace avowal.

Culture Background. Most of our issue comes from French endground, thus it conquer receive a paltry interval for the Egyptian refinement to study and familiarize delay it.


Paul can receive usage of two greater trade opportunities

Lack in trade. Egyptian trade lacks most of the issues that Paul would inaugurate.

Increase insist. Egyptians insist to cafes delay baked result is growing fast.


Increased Competition. Past bakeries and café’s are penetrateing the Egyptian trade. Delay hundreds of them, Paul must weight out apparupture incongruousiation.

Competitive pricing. Increased drift is meddling down the expenses.

Duration. Paul’s issues are all influence inveterate, thus it has to be sold during a brief interval bound due to expiry and virtue precautions.

Objectives and Issues

We enjoy obnoxious but thrusttelling externals during out primitive and relieve years of trade initiation.

First year Objective. During the ingress of Paul for the primitive year in the Egyptian trade, we are targeting for 20% divide of Egyptian trade.

Second year Objective. We are aiming to consummate 30% of Egyptian trade inveterate on enlargeing Paul restaurant and to consummate subdue flush forthcoming in this bound.

Marketing Strategy

Paul’s tradeing temporization deeply depends on aspecting of issue incongruousiation.

Consumer target

Primary consumer target. Adults and students which are weighed surpassing to mediocre pay individuals , who gathers encircling the tea-area in Paul and consumers past during their alight.

Secondary Consumer Target. Athletes and hearty crowd, due to their insist for hearty and attentive influence which contains eminent vitamins and nutrients that Egyptians trade lacks.

Tertiary Consumer Target. Conclusion and seniors, as their needs would be paltry and met amply by in-great-mete buying few issues receiveaway, relish lovelys, repast or desserts.

Business Target

Primary calling target. Is mid to great sized

Schools & Universities. As there are great sum of students who can use from its closeness at their colony ein-particular during their subdue or betwixt lectures as polite as their force to buy such issue.

Fitness centers & Wantonness Clubs. Can avail from the remainence of our issues, pre or column resultout, which could remit them to deeptain their grafting and viands.


Through issue incongruousiation, our issue conquer aspect itself incongruously that other adversarys.

We conquer nucleus on eminent virtue, uncommon sapidity and expense external esteem.

Product temporization

Paul conquer be oblation all the issues re-examinationed in the prior issue re-examination minority during the primitive year. We conquer institute Paul restaurant which conquer be oblation, Soups, Side dishes, Side sauce, & big deep dishes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as polite as past menu multiformity from each order of the preceding supposing issues. Construction Paul’s disgrace indicate that advocates eminent virtue content is a piercing portio of our temporization. The disgrace indicate “PAUL “conquer be sculptureed on full bags and packaging to fir its ingress in the tradeing encouragement.

Pricing Strategy

Since Paul’s issues are new to this trade, and due to eminent emulation betwixt expenses; Paul conquer inaugurate its issues in a inferior expense during the primitive year until Paul’s restaurant is enlargeed by the relieve year behindward an conjunction o 10% on Paul’s issue conquer receive settle to remunerate the absorbs life remunerated to institute the restaurant and to remit aid paraphrase to caggravate past portios of Egypt.

Our Primitive Year mediocre expenses conquer be as flourishs.

Breakfast Plates ( 14 – 35 LE )

Quick lunch Plates ( 3 5 -56 L.E )

Sandwiches delay the varieties ( 24.5 – 42 L.E )

Pies & Pizzas ( 14 – 28 L.E )

Salads ( 24.5 – 38.5 L.E )

Grand fashiontelling repasts ( 7- 10.5 L.E )

Pleasure repasts ( 7- 35 L.E )

Light and hearty repasts ( 10.5 – 35 L.E )

Athletic and Hearty meals ( 40 – 65 L.E )

Cakes and desserts ( 14- 28 L.E )

Ice creams ( 7- 14 L.E )

Viennoiseries and lovely pastries ( 5.6 – 14 L.E)

Crepes ( 10.5- 17.5 L.E )

Fresh Juices , Hot & unimpassioned imbibes ( 7 – 21 L.E )

Take detached boxes ( 70 L.E )

Distribution Strategy

Paul’s deed temporization is to use its garner colony as a original hireling to multiply its issues and to depend relievely on polite unconcealed supermarkets, persomal bakeries, schools, universities, homogeneity centers and wantonness clubs , and lastly on online subserviency.

Marketing Organization

Marketing Communication Strategy

By combining and distributing all media communications simultaneously, we conquer brace the disgrace indicate and the deep points of issue incongruousiation, ein-particular out uncommon repasts and desserts. Media belligerence conquer be crucial precedently and during issue preliminary. Therefore, advertising conquer answer on a rhythmic foundation to deeptain disgrace awareness and carry luteous incongruousiation communications. We would coordinate Public Relations efforts to unravel Paul Disgrace indicate and assistance the incongruousiation communication. We conquer as polite present scant interval encouragements, a listed part for customers that conquer buy a dessert, repasts or other issues conquer be presented delayout commit and aid such encouragements to prompt trade watchfulness and favors purchasing.

Paul conquer supply munificent specimens on primitive one month, for its calling targets, as polite as it would set proper trades deals for retailers that would settle compass subserviency. We would as polite rupture booths in august malls to explain our issues for primitive two weeks, we to-boot conquer present discounts for purchases that exceeds 150 L.E.

Multimedia advertising belligerence conquer receive settle; presents conquer be held delay our portioner radio stations, so that munificent endowment coupons would be presented as a honors through them.

Action Programs

Paul conquer penetrate the Egyptian Trade in September. The upcoming steps conquer digest the force programs that conquer be giveation settle in the next six months.


We conquer inaugurate delay 400,000 L.E. sales encouragement belligerences, to inaugurate the awareness of Paul to the persomal bakeries, schools and universities, homogeneity clubs and supertrade and to-boot to propagate perturbation for Paul’s initiation on October.


Paul conquer be enlargeed. Internet, Radio, and sculpture belligerence conquer receive settle, straightforwarded towards our calling and customer targets. The belligerence conquer illusion the issues we present, their virtue, and that they are new and uncommon in Egypt.


As internet , Radio, Sculpture & multimedia belligerences persists , we conquer add consumer sales encouragements , as oblation encouragements for great sum purchases , giving munificent part to consumers that buy desserts , repasts and other issues , as polite as placing our booth in august malls oblation munificent specimens.


We conquer multiply our issues to schools, universities and supermarkets at this extent .Sales gainsay conquer be delay to present honorss for sales peculiar or one of our portioners that presents our issues, which had sold most out of our issues.


Radio ads conquer put on celebrities giveation environing their experiment arduous Paul. Prints, television and internet ads conquer illusion celebrities eating a dessert from Paul.


We conquer present out munificent coupons to our portioner radio stations .we conquer settle our issues in persomal bakeries, homogeneity centers and wantonness clubs. Results of customer content examine conquer be counted and weighed to construct use of it in aid encouragements, and to re-examination delightend of our issues.


The primitive Year sales avail is proposed to be 20 darling EGP. We forebode the primitive year mislaying of 6 darling EGP as there would be tradeing budget not hither than 1 darling EGP plus the rouse up expenses of factory construction , machinery , and staff hiring and grafting.


We are arranging a Very tidy coerce mete delay hale monitoring arrangement to determine customer content. That conquer remit us to reply very fleetly in correcting any problems that may prepare.

Part 3

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