Market Analysis of Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola, fortification nourishing the global similarity delay universe’s catholicst vending balmy draught gone 1886. Its races top balmy draught infamy, delay the best bottling network. It is the catholicst tradeer of non-alcoholic beverages in the universe.

In India, Coca Cola was the immanent balmy draught plow 1977 when govt. policies courteous-behaved-founded its disappearance. It returned to India in 1993 thriveing a 16 year disjunction and made expressive investments to secure that the beverage is accelerationful to poise and poise populace, flush in the distant and secretive calibre of the race. In the minds of universe’s consumers the infamy has conducive an iconic requisite. Coca Cola was initially advertised as a counteraction for muddiness and inanition. It has been advertising on television for 50 years.


  • Leading player in the Indian beverage trade
  • A casualty 500 dispose in India (73rd pose)
  • Coca Cola India delay PepsiCo forms “Duopoly”
  • Includes 24 dispose-owned bottling actions
  • Came tail in 1993 and artificial open infamys

(Ibef, 2010)

(Coca Cola India, 2010)


Marketing Coca Cola in India-The post-liberalization epoch in India saw the aftertail of Coca Cola but Pepsi had already beaten Coca-Cola to the poke, by creatively entering the trade in the 1980’s epoch by way of a elbow speculation. In a way Pepsi benefited the Coca Cola by developing the Indian balmy draught trade in the present years of liberalization .The simply accelerationlessness was that CCI in 1993 applied the American way of vivacity way in vending its work on the antagonistic, Pepsi targeted the adolescence.

(Coca Cola India, 2010)

3. The Marketing tools: The Marketing Environment


3.1-The Macro Environment- PEST Analysis of Coca Cola



Political variables enjoy very scanty consequence on the CCI’s vending and workion conduct. There are few rare things love the ‘environmental defence laws’ they partially consequence the toil of coca cola. The specify legislation of Kerala released a declaration on March 22, 2010 trade Coca Cola imperative for causing contamination and inflame depletion in a specify of Kerala and made it requisiteal for Indian rupees 216 corer for damaged caused as a consequence of the dispose’s bottling actions.

To barpenetrate delay this whole the dispose has made becoming adjustments in introduce and applied the becoming way of wastage address. The dispose’s workion too gets consequenceed by the preferences and soldierapascertain grasp poise owing in the day of preference any countries workion in any ground is sunk.


Inflation in any kingdom is not cheerful-tempered-tempered from its workion apex of apprehension. So, coca cola is no exclusion. Its collision on coca cola is exceedingly indirect. In a kingdom love India where there is a eminent reascertain of unemployment, CCI undeviatingly practices closely 6,000 populace and inundeviatingly creates practicement for poise than 1,25,000 populace in cognate industries. It’s unmoulded the countries top investors having invested poise than US$ 1 billion in India in the primitive decade and prefer pledged another US$ 100 darling in 2003 for its actions.


CCI in society delay the NGO, Bharat Integrated Gregarious Happiness Agency (BISWA) has established a program to construct awareness on micro-nutrient malnutrition (or “Hidden Hunger”) in the “bottom of the socio economic pyramid” population in India.

They are always established to retain their work environmentally and gregariously salubrious to the communities they forward. Their similarity inflame programs are contrived to assistance sound inflamesheds and sustainefficacious programs to poise the inflame used throughout their workion regularity. CCI has been awarded the Gregarious and Corporeascertain Governance Award for Best Practices in Corporeascertain Gregarious Responsibility in 2009.

All India Division COBO’s are now ISO 14001 informed.


The CCI uses the poise slow technology in its workion regularity. Computers enjoy behove the basic wants these days and it is giving the way of other industries to after to new technologies and into a new universe of transaction. Computers can extension the aptitude of its transaction and the remotest coke vending medium conciliate now practice the use of (user gregarious) feel ward technology.



  • Brand Ambassadors-focused target tradeing by launching embezzle infamy ambassador for the target trade.
  • Diverse Work Portfolio.
  • Extremely Recognizefficacious Brand.
  • Improved Quality Control.
  • Heavy Investment.
  • Bottling System.


  • Reduced Consumer Purchasing Power.
  • Issues for Health Care.
  • Environmental Destruction.


  • To forward a catholic geographic various area
  • Brand recognition
  • Sponsorships


  • Substitutes
  • Heath Consciousness
  • Consumer preferences
  • Stiff Competition

3.2-The Micro Environment –

The micro environment personates those elements poise which the tradeing decided has liberal guide in dispose to strain its target trade i.e. the ‘4 Ps’, which it can use in dispose to penetrate advice that conciliate imascertain acceleration it in its tradeing action.


Coca cola greater opponents is Pepsi as its portfolio includes-

  • 7UP

After CCI it covers the 2nd catholicst trade divide % of the balmy draught toil in India –

(Pepsi Co India, 2010)


Consumer Behavior-

The two factors that ordain the Consumers determination-making regularity are involvement and perceived expose. The consumer conciliate thrive the wonted determination making steps occasion purchasing coca cola.

  • Habitual Determination Making


Coca Cola

Level of Involvement

Low ( trivial determination )

Perceived Risk

Low ( humble , low-cost work )

Information Processing

Respond to environmental cues ( ammunition signage or evinces )

Learning Model

Behavioral lore ( ad semblances work in melodious repairment , creating confident pose )

Needed Marketing Action

Provide environmental cues at apex of acquisition , such as work evince

Fig 4.2 courteous whole solving versus wonted determination making

(Solomon, Marshall, Stuart, Barnes and Mitchell, 2009, Pg151)

In India the cognizance of the populace touching coca cola is that, they deem it as a draught which can pacify their dryness as courteous-behaved-behaved as creates a sentiment of belongingness. India’s corporeal environment is uniform for the sale of balmy draughts poisepoise during convivial occasion sales are doubled. Thus the want of buying a balmy draught falls in the primitive and third plane of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Exhibit 1.)

  • Situational Influences

Physical environment


Internal Influences






Age groups




  • Social Influences



Social systematize

Group memberships

Fig 4.4 Influences on Consumer Determination Making (Solomon, Marshall, Stuart, Barnes and Mitchell, 2009, Pg151)


Different aspects of gregarious resources, which CCI uses in dispose to disclose delay its consumers.

This in depend conciliate extension –

  • Brand awareness
  • Positive effigy for the infamy



Major Brands of Coca Cola-

  • Coca Cola
  • Diet coke
  • Thumbs Up
  • Sprite
  • Fanta
  • Limca
  • Minute Maid Pulpi Orange
  • Maaza
  • Kinley
  • Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh
  • Georgia
  • Burn

The work manoeuvre includes determinations such as work drawing, swarmaging, infamying, etc.

Coca Cola infamy consists of contrariant swarms and relish.

They elevate all infamys accelerationful in infamy swarm subordinate their work manoeuvre.

4.1.1-Packing Manoeuvre – Coca Cola works are accelerationful in contrariant swarming, in dispose to restrain each and perfect part.





200ml, 300ml, 500ml,1000ml

500 ml, 1.5 L,

2 L ,2.25 L,

300 ml + 100 ml

330 ml

Various Sizes





MarketMarket observation manoeuvre

(Coca Cola)


EmphasisSeek to extension sales of material works to material trades

Product fruit manoeuvre (New Launches e.g. Burn)

Create augmentation by vending new works in material trades


MARKETS Trade fruit manoeuvre

Introduce material works to new trades

Diversification manoeuvre

Emphaextent twain new works and new trades to end augmentation

Fig 2.4The Augmentation Strategies (Solomon, Marshall, Stuart, Barnes and Mitchell, 2009, Pg 70)

New Launch- CCI launches Burn, Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh and Maaza Milky Delite

4.2- PRICE-

Firms Pricing Strategies should be installed on costs, ask-for or the expenses of competing works.

CCI, some occasion tail, had inaugurated the primitive cola expense war by launching inferior 200ml swarms expensed at Rs 5. On the other workman its opponent Pepsi India too feeble its expenses of 300ml swarm from Rs.8 to Rs. 6. CCI was efficacious to subjugate its expense from Rs 7 to Rs 5 owing it artificial a big glass bottle manufacturing dexterity which qualifyd it to volunteer inferior bottles at feeble regularity.



India is a kingdom delay various occasion, summer occasion is supposed to be a cheerful-tempered-tempered occasion for beverage toil. During winters they subjugate their expenses to maintain their sales and avail.

They usually subjugate the expenses of their pet bottles or 1 scatter glass bottle. Flush during festivals they volunteer contrariant expense proposals.



Events- Cricket Matches, FIFA Universe Cup, Universe Cup Hockey, Common Wealth Adolescence Games, Cultural Festivals, Concerts etc.

Urban Division Network





Bottling Plant

Rural Division Network


(Coca Cola India, 2010)


CCI thrives the Pull Encouragement manoeuvre –

Coca Cola is the authoritative beverage companion of the Common Wealth Games 2010 (CWG), owing of which it enjoys odious tradeing and furnish fits for the beverage despite its portfolio. CCI has subordinatetaken the catholicst continually liberal work sampling program designated “Delhi celebrates” a cultural fiesta where 5000 artists conciliate enact. The companies familiarity delay the co-ordination games conciliate prepare the occasion to repair its infamy compute. These games conciliate acceleration consumers in conjoining delay the infamy. When work is seen poise in the trade, they enjoy cheerful-tempered-tempered sales too owing according to the experts the work which is seen poise in the trade vend poise too.

Types of Resources which CCI uses –

  • Print Media
  • Posters and Stickers Material
  • TV Commercials (TVC’s)
  • Billboards
  • Holdings
  • Banners
  • Celebrities
  • Getting shelves
  • Sales encouragement
  • Placing the work at an eye transferred pose in the ammunitions
  • UTC proposal (Under the conclude proposal)

To retain the works in fine requisite, dispose prepares-Freezers, evince racks, etc

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc- CCI enjoy their own and separeascertain infamys personateation on these gregarious netestablished sites, where they undeviatingly gets the view of today’s era environing the material and new works.

(Google, 2010)


5.1-SEGMENTING STRATEGY – CCI focuses on Demographic partation

1. Generational tradeing – CCI targets the adolescence of the kingdom. Coca Cola established using Indian subjects in dispose to resort the Indian customers. They omissioned to disclose delay the adolescence. Considering that the Indian adolescence respected transmitted Indian computes coca cola created advertisements semblanceing nursery students valuing their cultivation. This junction accelerationed coca cola in creating its own personality delay which Indian adolescence could narrate itself and it consequenceed in the uniform poseing of the infamy.

2.Gender- CCI enjoy contrariant work concatenate for contrariant genders love for males there is Coca Cola, Thumps up, for females they enjoy Fanta, for kids they enjoy Maaza.

3. Arcadian Market- The greaterity of Indian population i.e. (74%) lives in misty villages dissolute throughout the kingdom. Estimates semblance that arcadian India personateations for 58% of Indian arcadian disposefficacious inafter and 41% of intermediate systematize.


Coca Cola retails basically target on juvenilityful eras, owing they omission to personate Coca Cola delay the adolescence and temper.

Rural Trade is too a very alluring target-

In dispose to strain to the arcadian India, CCI had too established television retails targeting at arcadian population. This trade covers 80% of India’s new coke draughters.


CCI’s Initiative in Indian Market-

5.3.1- Sophisticated India-

In dispose to target the metropolitan areas and catholic town auditory, CCI restraind the subject of Celebration and Joy of populaces, they semblancecases increasing gregarious and economic requisite of the populace in their television retail (TVC’s). This subject they applied for poseing their infamy in sophisticated trade. “Life ho toh aise” (vivacity as it should be) was very notorious and prosperous tagline.

5.3.2.-Rural India-

Under it they enjoy tapped the open entertainment love fairs and open festivals

They extensiond their TVC’s on Doordarshan (the open deed), contrived to target arcadian customers.

It’s all arcadian tradeing initiatives were courteous-behaved-behaved assistanceed by TVC’s.

In 2002 CCI established Chota Coke (Mini Coke) at Rs 5considering the abstract extent of arcadian consumers.

CCI disclosed this expense cut notice delay the acceleration of TVC featuring immanent Hindi movies triton Amir Khan in arcadian repairments to enefficacious becoming infamy familiarity owing catholic reckon of populace inflame to rival these celebrities. It conciliate acceleration in creating the fit oneness for the infamy.

Its tagline penetrateed a lot of notoriousity “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola” (Cold Means Coca Cola)

(You Tube, 2010)

Exhibit: Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola Advertising Campaign


New Strategy- Arcadian trade (MARKET IS CREATED AND NOT BORN)

Rural consumers are ready poise towards the residence made draughts love Lassi, lemonade etc. So, we want to target them when they are out of their residence and conciliate want something to pacify their dryness.

Rural India delay the middle inafter of Rs 100/day, deem coca cola whose middle expense afters encircling Rs 10, as a wantonness work .Morepoise balmy draughts categories are undifferentiated in the minds of arcadian consumers. The cheerful-tempered-tempered intelligence is that the arcadian consumer trade which grew 25% in 2008 is expected to strain US$ 425 billion in 2010-11 delay 720-790 darling customers.

1. As this trade is not liberaly utilized, there lays a vast room to repose the infamy in a poise consequenceive way to ascertain that CCI is the uniform infamy meant for arcadian customers and there is a want to alter it from wantonness part predicament to perfect day work predicament.

2. An embezzle tradeing manoeuvre is required, which is simply practicable by listening to consumer’s wants and requirements.

Advertising Strategy-

  • Looking at the firm opponents there is a want for fetid tradeing belligerence.
  • Announce a new belligerence for CCI.
  • In dispose to conjoin delay the arcadian population, CCI should extension gregarious happiness activities.
  • Prior creating the ad ,forthcoming apexs should be kept in mind-
  • Selecting an embezzle infamy ambassador delay which the arcadian population could narrate itself delay.
  • Brand encouragement by targeting folk and transmitted cultivation.
  • To hold open we enjoy to act open.

Distribution Strategy-

There is a want to stretch CCI’s division deed especially in arcadian sector.

Creating an Courteous Division deed accelerationful all poise India, it conciliate prepare assistance to TV retails.

Branding Strategy-

There is a want to restructure the message deed, which conciliate convey unconcealed and sincere apprehensions of the populace (public, resources, practiceees, suppliers, specify and raceal legislation, deeds). It is the simply disentanglement to expound the issues in a way that it benefits the Indian consumers as courteous-behaved-behaved as CCI.


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