My Study Plan Exploration Of Strengths And Weaknesses Education Essay

My examine project grant to succor me to search my force and enervation and relishness me the pathways that conquer educe my aptitudes and habit during this academic year. The examine project is portiod into impure space. In the original bargain-out, I am going to converse environing my severicular force and enervationes by trusting on the feedbacks I got from my teachers and peers. In the cooperate bargain-out, I conquer be mentioning the details of mismiswithhold provisions to educe my aptitudes and habit. Then, in the third bargain-out, I conquer converse environing what I anticipation to consummate from my provisions by the end of the year. Finally, in the decisive bargain-out, I conquer communicate details environing the activities and projectned dates for bearing of my provisions and the written careerwork.

Personal Strengths and Weakness

Throughout this career, I celebrate accustomed a lot of monstrositys; I had to exertion relapse populace to natty deadlines, I had to amount, straightforward, film, edit, transcribe script, elaboration, transcribe disquisitions, grasp advice stories and advertisements etc. Time doing all these, rarely anymonstrosity went blameless but rarely I came opposing relapse reservedies. All of the tasks I was communicaten succored me to search my own force and enervationes. In this bargain-out, I conquer be explaining my force and enervation by supported them relapse examples.


One of my most momentous enervationes is dawdling. I watch to follow monstrositys facile. When I exertion fragmentary, the argue why I fondle is my self-esteem. I frequently fancy that I can do my exertion consummationfully anyoccasion I deficiency and I celebrate no collection relapseing it. On the other influence, when I exertion relapse others, this chiefly happens when I affect that monstrositys do not exertion out polite in the prescribe. Doing this does not constitute so manifold collections when I exertion fragmentary, ultimately, when I exertion relapse others, it can be so collectionatic and tedious for them. I price I would get rectify marks, if I did not relapse my disquisitions in these two years. Equally, eschewing fondle could grasp me exertion over cohesively relapse my friends in the prescribe. This year, I conquer try to eschew doing this.

Being allay in the tabulate is my other enervation. This communicates populace the collision of me not entity sure or shy. However, the argue why I do not converse so ample in the tabulate is I am in a irpertinent country and I do not affect snug converseing past I am not a natural English orator. The discord of vernacular, humanization and the populace frequently holds me end in the tabulate. Even though, I was frequently assured of my enervation past my original year in university, I could not get aggravate it. When I am in Cyprus, I am the opposite; I am truly converseative and outgoing. For this argue, I do not grasp this a big barframe accordingly; following accomplishing my studies, I conquer go end to Cyprus and exertion there.

Writing script is my other enervation. During the career, I frequently had inaptitude agreement script for advice stories. It frequently took me a lot of occasion to do it. Although, I practised to educe this aptitude, I could not grasp it to grasp the quality I deficiencyed. When I appear at my forthcoming view, I perceive that agreement script is not going to be my job. Therefore, instead of focusing on my script agreement enervation, I conquer try to educe my other aptitudes during this year.


Self-self-reliance and entity blamelessionist are the most momentous forces I celebrate. I price that I can do anymonstrosity I deficiency to do. Past leading initiate, I frequently practised to consummate my views relapseout getting succor from anyone. Whenever I had an grand exam or homework, I frequently did them by myself relapseout getting succor from my source members or my friends. Similarly, when I had collections relapse my initiate, friends or my careerwork, I frequently practised to clear-up them fragmentary. By doing all the monstrositys fragmentary, I felt happier, accordingly at the end, I chiefly frequently succeeded. I as-polite heard so manifold compliments from my teachers, source and friends environing my self-reliance and consummation. I grew up as a sure peculiar and I price in me a lot. However, rarely, the self-self-reliance and blamelessionism I celebrate can grasp me truly stressed. In prescribe exertion, manifold occasions I perceive myself whining environing others in stipulations of the exertion they do. Mostly, I do not affect appreciated relapse their exertion, accordingly I price that they do not do it as cheerful as I can do. To exhibit, decisive year, I had to do a fraternity elaboration portfolio and a ten specific documentary relapsein the fraternity. My bargain-outner wrote half of the elaboration portfolio and sent it to me. I got truly disappointed and stressed following seeing what exertion she did. The argue was I was expecting a rectify exertion from her, but she did anymonstrosity in a routine way and it was not as cheerful as it should be. Similarly, time we were doing the documentary, I had to redo anymonstrosity she did, accordingly I felt that they were not truly executed. Although, I can grasp myself truly stressed and wearied accordingly of my self-reliance and blamelessionism, I price that entity sure and blamelessionist are truly grand forces.

Being ambitious is my other grand force. I am frequently altogether ambitious environing what I do. Past I was a child, I frequently deficiencyed to be the best at anymonstrosity and I never gave up on triton. Time I was in tall initiate, my view was to glean truly cheerful English, go to university in London, accomplish my bachelor, masters and PHD and grace a lecturer in one of the universities in Cyprus. My appetition made me permission my source end in Cyprus and came to London to examine this career when I was sixteen. In the rise of this career, I had inaptitude indicative and agreement in English. I recognize compasss, watched English TV advertisements, attained some compasss for academic agreement. In one year, I realized how ample I correctd my indicative and agreement and now I do not celebrate collection doing these. Similarly, in my original year, I deficiencyed to glean how to edit and be truly cheerful at it. I watched editing videos, expertnessed a lot and consummated what I deficiencyed in truly weak occasion. I price I conquer be where I deficiency to be in some years, accordingly my appetition conquer succor me a lot.

Being a cheerful elaborationer is my other force. A cheerful elaborationer is the one who has the concern, interest and the conservation to perceive answers to unanswered questions. S/he gets habit of the question and s/he is as-polite resigned and ambitious. I price I celebrate these characteristics. Decisive year, I had to do a fraternity elaboration portfolio and a documentary relapsein the fraternity. The consultationees and the advice I needed was truly reserved to get, but I did not made myself stressed at all. I marked so manifold locations, I designated so manifold populace, I recognize a lot of compasss, I searched so manifold websites, I watched separate documentaries, etc. In the end, I got what I deficiencyed. There were occasions that I had so ample inaptitude in perceiveing the characters of the film as polite, but I never gave up on elaborationing. I deficiencyed to grasp my documentary as blameless as I can. As a upshot of all the stubborn exertion I did, I got a truly cheerful feedend from my preceptor. This year, I conquer try to elevate up my elaboration aptitudes over.

My other grand force is editing. Anteriorly set-outing my studies, I did not celebrate any editing habit and it was one of the most grand monstrositys that I deficiencyed to glean. Throughout the career, I expertnessed a lot and I gleant a lot of aspects of editing. I used my aptitude to succor my tabulatemates as polite. I price that my editing aptitude conquer be truly advantageous for me in the forthcoming accordingly; I conquer be making videos in my beginning occasion as a falter.

Details of mismiswithhold provisions to educe aptitudes and habit.

During the two years of my career, the provisions I did were communicaten by my preceptors. These provisions made me frame an inestimserviceconducive habit environing perfect bargain-out of the evolution and the resources. I established relapse a bleak habit and now I am serviceserviceconducive to grasp advice advertisement, grasp documentaries and weak films in manifold styles; I gleant the qualitys of evolution, roles of straightforwardor, amountr, elaborationer and evolution contributor, editing, using camera, lighting, agreement script, etc. I am cheerful at manifold of the monstrositys I gleant, time I am as-polite bad at some of them. This year, I celebrate an turn to elect what provisions I deficiency to do and I conquer use this turn to educe some of my forces.

  As I mentioned anteriorly, one of my most momentous forces is elaboration. I am projectning to do a elaboration provision into Turkish Cypriot Fraternity in London to elevate up my elaboration aptitudes over. The provision conquer embrace consultation transcriptions and all pertinent elaboration that I conquer do. The consultations conquer be environing Cypriots’ settlement argues to London, their exertion, source, cultural estate, series, London, the troubles, going end to Cyprus and reflections. The argue why I chose to do a elaboration environing Turkish Cypriot fraternity is, past I was born, the Cypriot resources and TV meanss celebrate been making advertisements solely environing the gregarious condition of Cyprus; anteriorly and following war, dissolution of the island, calm among the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot communities, Turkish Cypriot immigrants in London, rule of North and South Cyprus, etc. are the ocean themes of these advertisements. The advertisements comprise a lot of elaboration and consultations relapse themeal populace. Decisive summer, I had a exertion habit in a Cypriot themeal TV means; I was doing elaboration and going to consultations for a TV advertisement designated ‘Agenda’. Time I was doing this, I realized that I truly enjoyed doing it. Following accomplishing my studies, I conquer go end and exertion in the similar TV means as a elaborationer until I accomplish my Ph.D. Doing this provision conquer be a truly cheerful habit for me.

The other provision I would relish to do this year is elaborationing MA Film careers in London and completing my beginning forms. I conquer be minute online and marking universities to perceive out which university and career is most suitserviceconducive for me. By the end of this semester, I conquer set-out doing my contacts and marks for advice and consultations. When I accomplish my elaboration, I conquer grasp my collision. I project to accomplish all these by the set-out of May.

The decisive provision I deficiency to do this year is elaborationing ‘how gregarious resources is entity used by film grasprs for dispenseing and promotion’ and agreement an disquisition environing this theme. This disquisition conquer succor me to analyse and evaluate the contrariant ways in which gregarious resources as platform is entity used as an alternatural way to elevate and dispense films by filmmakers in the resources activity. The elaboration I conquer do conquer be commenced in prescribe to search the forthcoming undeveloped of gregarious resources as an activity in the globe of film making, as polite as to conceive the contrariant approaches and steps follown by film grasprs in prescribe to grasp as large an colloquy as undeveloped. The argue why I deficiency to do this provision is to conceive the gentleman force and undeveloped that gregarious resources and to argue the progeny relapse the filmmakers themselves.

What I anticipation to consummate from my provisions by the end of the year.

The original monstrosity I deficiency to consummate from my provisions is to having my MA career elaboration executed and my beginning forms accomplishedd. I am altogether complex environing what career, which university I should direct and how I conquer do it. Doing this provision is the first haphazard to perceive out what MA career is most suitserviceconducive for me. Deciding on what career I conquer direct and completing my beginning forms conquer carry a grand parcel from me.

The cooperate monstrosity I deficiency to consummate is to do a elaboration into Turkish Cypriot fraternity, get as manifold consultations as I can and correct my aptitudes. I am truly ambitious environing this provision accordingly of the theme and the consultationees. The consultationees are the solely era of Cyprus who accustomed a lot of reservedies in their estate and who conquer extinct soon; they accustomed war, long, need, disengagement, soberness, fear and eagerness. This grasps the consultations I conquer get truly valuserviceconducive for me. Decisive year, I established to celebrate an archive of consultations I did relapse ancient Turkish Cypriots twain in Cyprus and London. I conquer be serviceserviceconducive to use these when I set-out to exertion in the TV means I exertioned decisive summer. Adeal-out from that I celebrate the subject of turning the all consultations I celebrate into a compass in the forthcoming. My forthcoming projects grasp this provision truly grand and requisite for me. I celebrate alexpeditions established to mark the Turkish Cypriot Fraternity Association which is in Haringey. The form has altogether a lot ancient Turkish Cypriot members. I conquer mark the settle perfect Thursdays and Fridays which are the days that old era Turkish Cypriot immigrants gather. I conquer be serviceserviceconducive to consummate my view and accomplish my provision by the end of the year.

Activities and projectned dates for bearing of my provisions and the written careerwork

I celebrate determined to portio my provisions into three pieces this year.

Overview of MA Courses in UK compriseing elaboration and accomplishedd beginning forms relapse references: 25%

Research into Turkish Cypriot fraternity in London compriseing a 8000-10.000 signal consultation transcription and all pertinent elaboration and a 2000 signal (minimum) Reflective Analysis: 25%

A 5000 Disquisition on “The proceeds of Gregarious Resources as a cat's-paw used for film making and promotion; an search of twain resting & inresting filmmakers environing the globe”, 25%

The deadline for all three pieces is 1st May 2011.

In this examine project, I analyzed my severicular force and enervation and what I solicit to consummate from my provisions by the end of the year. I price I celebrate separated the most mismiswithhold tasks for me. Doing these tasks conquer grasp me frame obligation of projectning and completing my provisions stubbornly and grasp me use my own message, elaboration and aptitudes to accomplished them. I conquer exertion stubborn to accomplished all my tasks and consummate all my views which conquer grasp me recognizey for my forthcoming studies and views.

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