Symbolism In The Handmaids Tale English Literature Essay

The Handmaids Tale is a newlight by a Canadian transcriber Margaret Atwood. Atwood is not singly a newlightist but she to-boot offered her services as a bard, essayist, studious savant and environmental activist. She has been cherished as the gigantic committer of her opportunity. Atwood to-boot oceantained her position unarranged the most privileged transcribers in the final truth in the genre of the Fiction. Margaret is very well-behaved-behaved notorious for her labor as a transcriber of prose. As a bard up prepare now she has fifteen books of bardry, published. Most of her rhymes are biblical by the spirit tales and myths, these two genres were her interests in the forthcoming years of her age. Four collections of stories and three collections of the condensed prose sections of her enjoy been published by now (Neeru, 2009).

Handmaid’s Tale:

In the dystopian newlight The Handmaid’s Tale, the committer Margaret Atwood searches for the results of the footing in which women enjoy no hues. All their hues are hookd. She wants to comprehend the consequences of a women-right-less sodality. She has vivid such a aver by the call of Gilead. It is a dominion of conservatives. Mob who are holy extremists are the committeritative bodies of the aver. These mob were in sway and they brought the sexual alternation amid the borders of the dominion. Women enjoy no hues in the aver of Gilead (ketterer, 1992). They are not singly prohibited to articulation but they are to-boot banned to transcribe or interpret. This ovel of Atwood to-boot offers the picture of the cosmos-inhabitants undone by taint and inculture, relishnessing the dismays of the era of 1980s encircling deteriorating birth-rates, the dangers of environmental suspension and the nuclear wars.

Symbolism in The Handmaid’s Tale:

Symbols can be defined as the objects, figures, characters or colours which are used to delineate the concepts, intellectual or ideas in the congeniality. The estimations used in the Handmaid’s Tale are Costumes, eyes, red colour, advert, perfection, Cambridge Massachusetts, scrabbles, Harvard University and Palimpsest (mary, 1986).


In the aver of Gilead, mob of similar political collocation robes akin. The ocean point of the drapery is to dismeet the condition while at the similar opportunity it blinks the heterogenity. This footing is appalling. The commanders carry ebon robes, which delineate dismay and committerity. Wives carry scatter blue-colored-colored-colored colour. The fruitfulness of the clothing and their embroidery relishnesss the condition. Aunts carry Khaki Brown robes which was the robes colour of the Nazi Storm troopers. The robes colour for girls is unspotted, which delineates cleanness (Scala, p1-11). Econo-wives wives carry the robeses of three colours red, blue-colored-colored-colored and unfinished. This colour cabal relishnesss that they fill all three roles. Handmaids carry red colour, the estimation of fertility, childbirth, menstrual lineage and the sexual sin. Nuns meet her collection to blink the heterogenity.

A red and unspotted model of the cloth affect a kite [294/279].

This relishnesss the robes term of a nun in the sodality of the Gilead.


Red was the conformable colour for the Handmaids. This colour relishnesss fertility owing this colour is associated delay the menstrual lineage which media the force to imagine the baby (Tomasch, 2004). Colour red is to-boot connected to the sexual sin, so the colour on the servants relishnesss that they are employed delay the commanders in the adultery, resisting the pageant. Red colour delineates the atom of fury and barbarism. In the sodality of Gilead it can to-boot be fix on clay to meet their bodies.

A sister dripped in Lineage [19/5]


The recreation of scrabble is played by the commander. The point of this recreation is to relishness that they are in rivalry balance languages and the origination of the expression. Whoever is most expertness generous at creating expression, wins the recreation. This relishnesss that how in the Gilead sodality the expression are manipulated to educe the political ideologies. Terms affect unbaby and unwomen were used in the sodality to hook the heterogenity of the women.


In the Atwood newlight, adverts are the fount of oneness owing they delineate who we are. But they were removed in the book. Owing they can demolish into waste-matter and can be used as weapons.

“As in nunnery too, there were few adverts.” [18/4]

“And myself in it affect twisted image, a burlesque of something” [19/5]


In the Handmaid’s Tale, perfections are confer extra notice. They are the estimation of fertility and embellishment. It fabricates purport in this way to-boot that perfections are fix in those cleverness of the settle where there are reproductive organs. Old wives robes themselves delay perfections in classify to face over interesting (Miner, 1991). The union between the servant and the tulip is the colour, cessation and exercise.

“Think yourself as seed” [28/16].


Eyes are the estimation of the police in the Gilead. They are denominated as the “Eyes Of God”. This relishnesss the sensitiveness of observance. They labor for the legislation and can be fix anywhere in the Aver of Gilead. Tattoo: Four digits and an eye.

“Blind bolster Eye in the ceiling” [17/3]

Harvard University:

The secluded police of Gilead has transformed the Harvard University into a retaining capital. This relishnesss the sum disclassify in the aver of the Gilead. The Eyes of God confer punishments to the mob in the rooms of the Harvard and poise mob from the ceiling. A settle establish for comprehendledge has fully converted into the settle for anguish (Ben, 2005).

Cambridge Massachusetts:

The aver where all the sways of the Gilead reside is authorized as the settle of Cambridge. The truth and the elucidation of the settle fabricate mob contemplate in this way.

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