Coca Cola Essay

Coca Cola Essay Historically, many companies and corporations have received recognition for their growth and success over time However, although praised, discoveries of controversial issues lead consumers to question various companies’ ethics and operations Coca-Cola, or simple coke, has existed for over a century, originating in Atlanta, Georgia in 1892, and eventually expanding and providing drinks internationally Today, the company produces concentrate, which then sells to Coke licensed bottlers internationally; and ultimately ending... more

Coca-Cola Essay

Coca-Cola Essay Coke has been the leader in the soft drink industry for decades Coke has a strong customer loyalty base, while appealing to new customers through effective marketing In recent years, the soft drink industry has changed with consumers becoming more health conscious With the consumer market changing, soft drink sales have dropped and the demand for healthy drinks are in demand To be able to make up the difference of the drop in sales, Coca-Cola needed to come up with some innovative new products and marketing strategies that... more