Dominos Pizza Essay

Dominos Pizza Essay Domino’s Pizza experienced a decrease in revenue of 16 3% from year-end 2005 through the year-end 2009 It is true that the economic recession was partly at blame However, the enterprise suffered from a negative reputation in the marketplace Domino’s Pizza delivered pizzas that did not quite meet the demands of consumer taste Their costumers would use social media to protest the ill delivery of pizzas and terrible taste In addition, consumers were now more educated about their eating habits and had a growing concern... more

Domino’s Pizza Essay

Domino’s Pizza Essay Before 2007, wheat prices didn’t have a pulse We’d buy for the next six months and the price would be plus or minus 10 cents a bushel over the last six months Then one day in 2008 wheat shot up $24 a bushel! Now, as a norm, we strategically consider corn, dairy, and wheat to better leverage our supply chain expertise and improve store economics — John Macksood, executive vice president, Domino’s Pizza On the morning of August 22, 2011, John Macksood, executive vice president for supply chain services at... more