The Purpose Of Using Multimedia Learning Education Essay


The object of using multimedia acquirements in amplifys is that it exhibits relating possibilities for discourse the scarcitys of 21stcentury acquireers. Multimedia acquirements can be defined in a reckon of ways. For the objects of this exploration multimedia acquirements would be defined as the exhibit of commandal resigned using multiple modes that comprise visual and parley counsel and tyro use of this counsel to compose getments. To- day our tyros subsist in a earth in which digital technology is segregate of the texture of their daily subsists. They bear never public a earth externally technology. Technology is their becoming vernacular and it is awaited to use technology in amplify.

While some tyros bear elder mode to technology than others, computers delay Internet mode are now almost universally availpotent in perfect amplifys in Mauritius. Internet-enabled computers and cell phones are pervasive beyond of amplify. The use of technology by teenagers is at its chief roll and is inaccomplished to growth. This growthd dependence on technology convokeively delay what we perceive encircling brain modeing, exhibits prodigious immanent for command. According to Betrancourt, M. (2005), exploration has professionn that the brain modees counsel using two machines: visual and parley. When counsel is presented using twain machines, the brain can detail exalt new counsel. By insertion service of this multimodal modeing power and technology-fixed tools, we can dramatically ameliorate tyro acquirements through multimedia command.

Researchers now affect that there are multiple machines in agoing fame; Baddeley (1992) proposes an parley and a visual machine. The parley machine wields counsel that is heard, eraliness the visual machine modees counsel that is seen. Text seems to bear sole modeing requirements, delay countenance initially charmed by the visual machine and then converted to sounds in the parley machine (Mayer, 2005).

Home Economics command is pictorial as a duration-hanker command and aids tyros to comprehend and comprehend the earth of extrresuscitation and terminatement, to warrant and unfold challenges that befall in their daily subsists. It significantly consequences to architecture tyros’ identicalities and characters and make-readys them for the requisites of the labour dispense. In deed, Home Economics is a multi- disciplinary question where the ocean ascititiouss is to amplify aptitudes, getments and values in tyro so that they can ameliorate their virtue of duration. During the delayed 1980’s Home Economics command eulered on enhancing the tyro’s identical aptitudes in cendanger meditateing, mental and precarious admission, treatment aptitudes, and whole – solving aptitudes, countenance, stubborn-directed acquirements and obligatory resuscitation disvulgar others.

This states that tyros should be tolerated to charm a exalt free segregate in their acquirements, they bear to manipulate their own acquirements and analyse wholes encountered by providing superficial solutions fixed on managing media potently. In this unarm-an, contrariant acquirements strategies bear been put confident such as investigation acquirements, whole-fixed acquirements, cooperative and collaborative acquirements and thread acquirements. Delay the growing variation of tyros in perfect rankroom, I affect it is seemly inherent to exhibit be-undetermined choices in how to acquire and exalt ways that can underneathtake acquireers in ways they acquire best. This can be terminated medepend if the instruction strategies clarified fan lion, joy of acquirements and motivate the tyro for exalt thread acquirements. Hence acquirements admissiones should be multiplied to simudelayed acquirements by regarding the multiple instruction and acquirements modes of contrariant acquireers in a rank.

I am guideing this con-over demeanour in obtain my tyros’ differences in acquirements mode and power. The exploration convergencees on promoting exalt potent manipulative aptitudes and creativity for stay studies useful ordeals at Shape VI roll, in which tyros bear to coalesce infallible type and requirements as per the establishment proof. Stay studies is a element of the Home Economics curriculum, in which tyros are awaited to acquire encircling sustentation stay making-ready twain in system and useful. According to the Home economics curriculum, one of the ascititiouss of instruction Stay studies useful is that tyros should be potent to wield stay protectedly and hygienically, demonstrating a multiplicity of manipulative aptitudes to a eminent type of obviateive, and the use of a stroll of utensils and appliances.

(Source: Cambridge International A Roll Stay Studies Syllabus, Obj 5-Appendix 2)

Manipulative aptitudes as cited by Evans (2001, 13), may be rankified as how to use the hands, how to push, flourishingcited a agewithhold and use tools delay reason on the prophylactic and hygienic exposure. For the useful ordeal, manipulative aptitudes can as-courteous suggest the use of using labour wary devices to cendanger dispensation of era and energy, and the object of it delay atonement. Secondly manipulative aptitudes as-courteous comprise eattalented aptitudes (chopping, dicing, and rugged disvulgar others), cake making (rub-in, gisting, whisking, kneading, fold- in), systems of cooking (frying, effervescence, steaming) and sizes and tidingsinologies. Thus tyros are awaited to acquire and realise the overhead mentioned aptitudes delay atonement and precisely. To get this ascititious, tyros scarcity to overpower the amend technique must explain versatility and originality in stay making-ready. In command to fetch a veer in my vulgar habit, I opted for the use of multimedia to simudelayed tyros’ moment and ameliorate comprehending of the aptitudes convinced overhead.

Miler (2005), suggests that the visual machine wields cendanger counsel than the parley machine. However, when counsel is presented using twain the visual and parley machines, agoing fame can wield exalt counsel overall. Using multiple machines can growth the whole of counsel that the brain can mode (Sweller, 2005). But, there is stationary the destroy of apprehensive surfeit. Too abundant counsel delivered in an inpotent system can interfere delay the brain’s power to successfully sum counsel into hanker tidings fame.


During the elapsed indelicate years I bear been instruction Stay and Sustentation as courteous as Stay studies. I had the opening of agoing delay twain low and eminent power tyros. I bear noticed that the tyros fall to foreclosure the delayed aptitudes connected to stay making-ready when preparing and serving platteres. Also, relating size and tidingsinologies, manipulative aptitudes and the use of labour wary equipment, tyros fall to explain the amend use delay atonement and atonement. Consequently, tyros are unpotent to make-ready the pdeparture delay the beautiful texture and amalgamation which results in damage flourishingcited the useful rank or consequence to low marks for useful assessment. This has a denying impression on tyros’ situation and low acquirements moment is professionn towards the question. A damage in tyros’ acquirements moment affects the acquirements environment departed the tyros bear low stubborn – appreciate and do not conglomerate on their useful rankes.

The HSC results in Stay studies are going down drastically. The penniless execution can be accounted by a fallure of rapture and moment from the segregate of the tyros. They trial the question too hypothetical and boring. Moreover relating the useful rankes, they fall to make-ready and accommodate platteres amendly. Thus a fallure of moment and motivation obviate the tyros to execute all the manipulative aptitudes amendly. Divers tyros meditate that cooking is ssuggest flourishingcited a troddenion, but there is abundant exalt to it than that. The power to suitably make-ready a platter, diversify or intervalliness a pdeparture and obey the kitchen protected in the mode is a rotation of basic eattalented aptitudes that tyros bear to habit and overpower. This is the aim of perfect useful rank. There is a fallure of atonement, injustice use of equipment/mode and serving aptitudes disvulgar tyros. Although the A- roll Useful syllabus lays abundant reason on no iteration of aptitudes and garnishes, tyros fall to regard these segregateicular criteria each year. As-courteous probably due to era constraints and force of agoing underneathneath establishment qualification, the tyros make-ready and accommodate the five platteres in a dash falling to comprise their lastandard feel of creativity eraliness serving. Consequently, the required types is not performed which results in penniless execution of tyros. This can be a very serious deedor for tyros as they endanger their stubborn- assurance and moment in the question. Eventually not exalt than ten tyros opt for Stay and Sustentation at O- roll and the reckon of tyros insertion the question at A-roll is decreasing year by year.

When instruction Stay Studies, antecedent to the useful rankes I use trodden commands so that the tyros can bear an overlight and on the day of the useful, the description is protected delay a march by march exhibition by peers or the educator herself. The tyros then euler the hands on motive. It can be an identical terminatement or two terminatement, depending on the naturalness of the rank terminatement. I affect that the chalk and confabulation system should be left astern and exalt interfree system to aid causative acquirements and amplifyment of manipulative aptitudes should be used to arose moment for the question and to aid meaningful acquirements disvulgar tyros. Creating meaningful acquirements has been a desired light for divers commandal institutions in the lastandard decade, as command convergence has shifted towards getmentspotent and precarious tyros. Hence, providing acquirements opportunities for tyros is sharp.

Generally, the tyros terminatement courteous during natural assessments and exams carried out at amplify. But, according to me and the other colleagues in the Home Economics province, at the amplify roll tyros’ execution in Stay Studies useful is not desirtalented and this is redundant to a subside in tyros acquirements moment. The flourishingcited deedors bear been seen to be probably the cause:

Regular forgetting of ingredients

Not completing the useful terminatement on era

Poor confluence of manipulative/eattalented aptitudes

Too abundant of relative on troddenion for march by march

Lack of habit- fallure of assurance

Students depend barely on the exhibition of the educator – no creativity.

and as-courteous tyros are not motivated towards the question. A fallure of motivation obviates the tyros to consequence the best of them.

In abstracted, a weak and unceremonious enquiry disvulgar Home Economics educators from other amplifys made me comprehendn that plain they visage the selfselfsame wholes delay the tyros. But in malevolence of the educator doing her best to make-ready the tyro flourishingcited two years of up-hill terminatement using contrariant instruction strategies namely bunch terminatement, guided thread acquirements, exhibition disvulgar others the results for the useful ordeal does not veer abundant. A- Roll useful results in most of the amplifys derancor Mauritius stroll from beautiful to penniless. In malevolence of a cendanger monitoring of my tyros advancement, alienate instruction strategies were servicetalented to tolerate the tyros to terminatement and ameliorate their execution, the novel A roll Cambridge results was stationary trenchant,(Appendix 3). Hence the ocean issues of moment may be the inesort of the examiners confluence in each life in Mauritius. If the tyro falls to coalesce the confluence of the examiner assessing the useful ordeal, the departure capability admit low marks. There is no transparency on how the useful ordeal is entity amended as no feedback is consequencen to the educators on the tyros terminatement. Thus we educators do not perceive how our tyros bear been assessed and what went injustice for the useful ordeal. As a question of deed, divers tyros (twain low and eminent abilities) conciliate the space 13 in their useful dissertation which implies a fallure. This is a serious deedor for twain the educator and the tyro. From the tyro object of light, it is a dissipate of era/ money/ media and as a educator plain to-day I do not comprehend what the examiners await from our tyros and somewhere may be we educators are falling to make-ready our tyros for the useful exam due to a fallure of feedback.


Throughout this con-over, I appetition to potently imsegregate the contrariant aptitudes of stay making-ready, i.e starting from the very foremost mode of hypothesis to the lastandard mode of serving and sensory separation in Stay studies useful to my Shape VI tyros eraliness making them possess each terminateon. For the elapsed indelicate years, I bear reconciled to the deed that divers of my tyros do not profession moment to Stay studies useful terminateons departed they trial it up-hill to flourish the march by march procedures delay atonement demeanour in obtain they bear to concludeed five platteres in three hours for the exams. Thus, it can be era- consuming and requires a lot of extra media.

The penniless execution of the tyros in Stay Studies and the subside in the reckon of tyros insertion up the question cannot be dissociated delay the way it is entity taught in-fact. Today stationary, demalevolence concerned to utensil some new instruction strategies, the educator-centered admission is abundant “en vogue”. Due to era constraints, finishing the syllabus befits a antecedentity delay educators. Bunch terminatement, motive fixed systems, investigation acquirements and role delineate answer too era consuming for tyros and educators. The exalt unwritten “educator confabulations and tyros scheduleen” seems exalt apt to view the syllabus gift and ascititiouss.

Since shape III roll, in the useful rankes tyros are tolerated to accommodate platteres invitingly. However for O-level, the exhibition scarcity to be graceful and purified, though its weak However for A- roll, the admission itstubborn is contrariant. Students scarcity to bear overpowery of the contrariant techniques and aptitude concerned in the useful rankes and overhead all, the exhibition of the pdeparture should be eminently appealing and inviting. However, through year’s con-over, I bear noticed that tyros fallure atonement in executeing the manipulative aptitudes amendly and creativity, thus falling to fetch ahanker innovative serving aptitudes. For the useful, tyros frequently bear some indistinctness encircling infallible ideas, for stance, using a bed of lettuce and shredded lettuce, using lining whipped gist on a cake and using piped gist on cheesecake, doing stuffed pancakes and doing lasagna, using tomato rose and using tomato slices. It should be noted that each pdeparture scarcity to bear at lowest three contrariant garnishes/jewel items externally any iteration. As-courteous gracefulness and virtue are very expressive. Feeble to conclude these criteria can examine to be action and has a denying impression on the execution of tyros. Thus, educators should ensue up delay a fruitful multiplicity of acquirements opportunities which would enpotent to raise on existing trials and identical strengths fixed on their acquirements modes.

Kalyuga, S(2005) ground out that when educators and tyros segregateicipate freely towards light oriented modees, ameliorate acquirements is terminated. Not medepend the tyros would utility from it but as-courteous the educator would be potent to fan a stronger educator- tyro interdependence. Involving tyros freely in contrariant modees by making use of audio visual aids and parley assistance originates a new machine for the acquirements mode. The consideration of the tyros is retained for hanker and this aids to subsides boredom disvulgar acquireers. Through this con-over I deficiency to trial out whether I would be potent to ameliorate the instruction and acquirements of Stay Studies manipulative aptitudes using multimedia.

The use of multimedia flourishingcited a ageholds abundant immanent for the potent instruction and acquirements mode. Sooner or delayedr; educators would be compelled to flourish the incline, quiescence they deficiency to beensue old-fashioned. As the tyros benevolence the internet and the contrariant tools, it capability be awaited that they obtain be exalt motivated to acquire Stay Studies delay the aid of technology. There is paltry reading encircling the use of multimedia to amplify tyros’ execution in Stay Studies Practical, thus it obtain be relating to examine deeper to convoke a ameliorate virtue of command to my tyros and consequence the desired and awaited outcomes in my amplify.


The aim of my exploration is to canvass the use of Multimedia to fan tyros’ execution and power in acquirements of manipulative aptitudes in Stay Studies Useful at Shape VI roll.


How can the use of multimedia aid to originate potent acquirements?

How far does multimedia acquirements yield in exhibiting the user an attractive acquirements trial?

Can the use of multimedia i.e. – visual and parley average aid to motivate tyros (innate and ascititious) and consequence to ameliorate execution in the useful dissertation?

Can the use of multimedia aid the tyros to terminatement delay atonement, fetchs versatility in platteres clarified and accommodate platteres invitingly?

How far the use of multimedia would be causative to consequence ameliorate results in Stay studies useful exams?

These questions obtain aid me to guide the occurrence con-over and to canvass the potentness of using multimedia in the instruction and acquirements of manipulative aptitudes in Stay studies Useful at Shape VI roll. I bear two rankes delay 10 pupils. They obtain be unguarded to multimedia acquirements that is contrariant sources of tape recordings on stay making-ready including basic eattalented aptitudes, cake jewel, elapsedry making, sauces, making-ready of garnishes and jewels where by the becoming manipulative aptitudes obtain be explaind. Indelicate exploration tools obtain be used to convoke facts namely, con-over stop schedule, unceremonious conference, tyro questionnaire and terminatement ordeal.


The overall object of this con-over is to detail whether the use of multimedia can fan tyros’ execution and power to-boot promoting potent and moment fixed acquirements of Stay Studies useful tasks at Shape VI roll.


The ocean ascititiouss of this con-over are to:

To veer from the unwritten system of instruction to a exalt late and dynamic admission using multimedia.

Promote moment driven acquirements and underneathtake tyro in the acquirements mode.

To amplify tyros’ visual fame and innate motivation

To enpotent tyros to make-ready the platteres delay atonement and uniformity

Develop tyros’ creativity and ameliorate overpowery of the basic concepts required for the useful dissertation.

Evaluate the potentness of multimedia in the instruction and acquirements of manipulative aptitudes

Reflect upon my instruction and ameliorate upon my instruction aptitudes.

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