Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle Engineering Essay

A condenseor is a unimpassioned invention that used acceptions the exigency of a condenseible soft. The ingress exigency plane can be any estimate from a penetrating vacuum to a haughty actual exigency. The liberebuke exigency can dispose from sub-atmospheric planes to haughty estimates in tens of thousands of pounds per clear inch. The ingress and vent exigency are cognate, homogeneous delay the image of condenseor ant its delineation. Compressors are arelish to cross-examines: twain acception the exigency on a soft and twain can bliss the soft through a pipe. The soft can be any condenseible soft, either gas or gas, and can accept a remote molecular heaviness dispose, that are from 2 for hydrogen to 352 for uranium hexafluoride. As gases are condenseible, the condenseor as-well reduces the bulk of a gas. Liquids are relatively incompressible, so the ocean origination of a cross-examine is to pressurize and bliss runnings. Applications of close gas differ from consumer emanations, such as the residence refrigerator, to great intricate petrochemical set installations.

A gas condenseion composure rule uses a refrigerant sealed in an airtense and run scrutiny agency. The refrigerant is circulated through the rule and it inferiorgoes a no of diversifys in its recite opportunity latter through multiconstruct components of the rule. Each such diversify in the recite of gas is denominated a mode. The mode of iteration of a arelish regulate of origination is denominated a cycle. The condenseion cycle is consecrated this spectry consequently it is the condenseion of the refrigerant by the condenseor which permits make-over of intensity breath. The refrigerant absorbs that from one settle and releases it to another settle. In other say the condenseor is used to put the intensity laden refrigerant gas in such a term that it may contend the intensity it exhausted at low exigency from the refrigerated interspace, to an amply beneficial subsidence average. Oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical modeing sets, and probable gas modeing sets are shapeless the numerous images of industrial sets that repeatedly husband great gas-compression composure rules.

2.1 Description of Gas Compression System

Most of the present refrigerators employment on this cycle. In its weakst construct there are four important originations exact to consummate one cycle.

Compressor – The low exigency gas in dry recite is drawn from the evaporator during the suction tickle of the condenseor. During condenseion tickle the exigency and clime acception until gas clime is senior than the clime of condenser subsidence average.

Condenser – When the haughty exigency refrigerant gas enters the condenser intensity runs from condenser to subsidence average thus recognizeing the gasized refrigerant to produce to running recite.

Expansion Valve – Following condenser the running refrigerant is place-of-businessd in the running receiver until needed. From the receiver it passes through an dilution valve where the exigency is feeble sufficiently to recognize the gasization of running a low clime of encircling -10C.

Evaporator – The low exigency refrigerant gas following dilution in the dilution valve enters the evaporator or refrigerated interinterinterval where a great aggregate of intensity is exhausted by it and composure is provided.

The schematic diagram of the ordainment is as shown in Figure 2.1 beneath. The low clime, low exigency gas at recite B is close by a condenseor to haughty clime and exigency gas at recite C. This gas is brief into haughty exigency gas at recite D in the condenser and then passes through the dilution valve. Here, the gas is throttled down to a low exigency running and passed on to an evaporator, where it absorbs intensity from the surroundings from the circulating soft (nature refrigerated) and gasizes into low exigency gas at recite B. The cycle then repeats.





Figure 2.1: Weak Gas Compression System.

The exdiversify of breath is as follows:

Compressor exacts employment, w. The employment is provided to the rule from the surroundings

During directness, intensity Q1 the equipollent of undeveloped intensity of directness etc, is obsolete from the refrigerator.

During evaporation, intensity Q2 equipollent to undeveloped intensity of gasization is exhausted by the refrigerant.

There is no exdiversify of intensity during throttling mode through the dilution valve as this mode occurs at faithful enthalpy.

2.2 Weak Gas Compression Cycle

Figure 2.2 beneath shows the weak gas condenseion cycle:

Figure 2.2: Weak Gas Compression Cycle

Process 1-2: The refrigerant as a compromise of running and vapour homogeneous to recite purpose 1 enters the condenseor where isentropic condenseion takes settle. The condenseion mode acceptions the clime of refrigerant from inferior stipulation T2 to the upper stipulation Tl. Employment is provided to the rule and following condenseion, the vapour is wet or saturated but not superheated.

Process 2-3: The refrigerant in the construct of vapour enters the condenser at recite 2 and intensity is exceptional at faithful exigency and clime. At debouchure from the condenser, the refrigerant becomes saturated running at recite purpose 3.

Process 3-4: The refrigerant at recite purpose 3 enters the dilution cylinder expands isentropic confederebuke and its clime drops to inferior clime T2 at the end of the dilution mode. Employment is obtained during the dilution mode.

Process 4-1: The running refrigerant at purpose 4 enters the evaporator and extracts intensity at faithful exigency and clime from the interinterinterval or import nature cooled and thus produces refrigerating chattels.

2.3 Refrigeration

Refrigeration may be defined as inferioring the clime of an enclosed interinterinterval by removing intensity from that interinterinterval and make-overring it elsewhere. A invention that performs this duty may as-well be denominated a intensity cross-examine. “Freon” is a occupation spectry for a nobility of haloalkane refrigerants contrived by DuPont and other companies. These refrigerants were often used due to their preferable stationariness and prophylactic properties: they were not flammable nor lucidly toxic as were the softs they replaced, such as sulfur dioxide.

Newer refrigerants that accept feeble ozone depletion chattels involve HCFCs (R-22, used in most residences today) and HFCs (R-134a, used in most cars) accept replaced most CFC use. HCFCs in rotate are nature phased out inferior the Montreal Protocol and replaced by hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), such as R-410A, which delaydrawal chlorine. However, CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs all accept great global warming germinative.

Newer refrigerants are currently the question of exploration, such as supercritical carbon dioxide, public as R-744.[4] These accept arelish efficiencies compared to real CFC and HFC inveterebuke compounds, and accept numerous regulates of magnitude inferior global warming germinative.


3.1 Centrifugal Compressor

Centrifugal condenseors use a rotating disk or impeller in a shaped housing to hardness the gas to the rim of the impeller, increasing the fleetness of the gas. A diffuser (irrelative duct) minority converts the fleetness breath to exigency breath. They are principally used for consistent, quiescent utility in industries such as oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical sets and probable gas modeing sets.

Their collision can be from 100 horsedominion (75 kW) to thousands of horsepower. Delay multiple staging, they can terminate very-much haughty output exigencys senior than 10,000 psi (69 MPa). Numerous great snowmaking originations (relish ski resorts) use this image of condenseor. They are as-well used in interior fire engines as superchargers and turbochargers. Centrifugal condenseors are used in fine gas turbine engines or as the latest condenseion amount of average sized gas turbines.

3.2 Axial Run Compressor

Axial-run condenseors are dynamic rotating condenseors that use arrays of fan-relish airfoils to progressively condense the employmenting soft. They are used where there is a exactment for a haughty run rebuke or a conglomerate delineation. The arrays of airfoils are set in rows, usuconfederebuke as pairs: one rotating and one quiescent.

The rotating airfoils, as-well public as blades or rotors, accelerebuke the soft. The quiescent airfoils, as-well public as stators or vanes, decelerebuke and redirect the run tendency of the soft, preparing it for the rotor blades of the instant amount. Axial condenseors are almost frequently multi-staged, delay the cross-sectional area of the gas thoroughfare diminishing concurrently the condenseor to oceantain an optimum axial Mach compute. Beyond encircling 5 amounts or a 4:1 delineation exigency narration, unsteady geodesy is normconfederebuke used to correct origination.Axial condenseors can accept haughty efficiencies; encircling 90% polytropic at their delineation terms. However, they are relatively rich, requiring a great compute of components, tense tolerances and haughty description materials. Axial-run condenseors can be set in average to great gas turbine engines, in probable gas cross-examineing stations, and delayin convinced chemical sets.


Gas condenseors are used in multiconstruct collisions where either haughtyer exigencys or inferior bulks of gas are needed:

Pipeline bliss of untarnished probable gas – To affect the gas from the origination plight to the consumer, or the blissation of issue through a pipe. Most often, running and gases are sent, but pneumatic tubes that bliss dense capsules using close air accept as-well been used. Often, the condenseor in this collision is driven by a gas turbine which is fueled by gas bled from the pipeline. Thus, no visible dominion cause is inevitable.

Plants and refineries – Petroleum refineries, probable gas modeing sets, petrochemical and chemical sets, and arelish great industrial sets for condenseing moderate and end emanation gases.

Refrigeration and air termer equipment – To affect intensity from one settle to another in refrigerant cycles: see Vapor-compression composure.

Gas turbine rules – To condense the intake fire air

Commercial toil – Storing untarnished or contrived gases in a fine bulk, haughty exigency cylinders for medical, welding and other uses.

Cylinder – SCUBA diving, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other morals help inventions to place-of-business brisk gas in a fine bulk such as in diving cylinders.

Many multiconstruct industrial, manufacturing and edifice modees to dominion all images of pneumatic tools.

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